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Painted Paper Towel Holder

Painted Paper Towel Holder

Today I will show you how to change your kitchen decor in 10 minutes. Painted paper towel holders are the new thing, didn’t you know? Especially the kind that look like the Easter Bunny popped out.

Is it just me or does anyone else constantly think of changing things in their house? I am starting to believe I am nuts. Clearly I have a minor DIY problem.

Good news is things will never get boring…right?

you will needNasty Paper Towel Holder | Spray Paint


 I know what you are thinking. Why is the spray paint can orange but the the color she is using is purple.

What can I say I change my mind too much. For some reason I was channeling my inner Easter Bunny.


I am sure next week I will paint it black or white.

Stay tuned.


I guess my point is showing you that you can take something you have already and change the entire look with a little spray paint. I love that I think with the right part of my brain because I am constantly thinking of ways to show you things like this. Hopefully someone will love my pastel purple paper towel holder as much as me. Let me know what you think!


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