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Well hello you cute little Black and White Striped Fridge!

I was wondering why I keet going back to the fridge lately but maybe i’t’s the stripes! I’ve never been more excited to get eggs and milk than I am now!

Oh and stripes makes all the food inside taste better, hehe. Let’s get started!BLACKANDWHITEICEBOX

YOUWILLNEED*Scissors * Sharpie * Ruler * Dry Erase Laminate *Chalkboard Laminate 
dryeraseandchalkboardlaminateThe first thing you want to do is layout your adhesive paper. I love this paper because you can simply peel the back off and voila! duckbranddryerasefilm

Once your paper is flat on a table grab a ruler and place it on the side of sheet. You will see on the sides of the paper (on the back) that there are lines already there for you. I placed the ruler on the second main line. It made my lines about 2 inches wide. dryeraseducktapeWhile your ruler is down grab your sharpie and trace over the line. This will just make it easier to cut. If you feel secure cutting the line that is already there then you don’t need to use sharpie.
ducktapechalkboardOnce you cut your paper this is what it will look like. selfadhesivechalkboardducktapeTime to move on to the fridge. Your boring fridge is about to get a complete face lift.
fridgestickersJust start alternating from chalkboard adhesive to dry erase adhesive! It’s that simple. DucktapeFridgeThis is what it will start to look like. Are you in love yet? stripedfridgeI love drawing on each line. The great thing is this will not damage your fridge at all! You can peel it all off whenever you want. The white is dry erase and the black is chalk board!blackandwhitestripesfridgeblackandwhitefridgeHOWTODECORATEAFRIDGE

I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial brought to you by Jaderbomb and Duck Brand!
What will you do with your laminate!


This is a sponsored post however all ideas and opinions are my own!

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8 thoughts on “Black and White Striped Fridge – Duck Tape

  1. LuAnn Doyle

    This is perfect timing. I had asked a few teachers what needed to be done in their lunchroom and one of the teachers said the refrigerator needed to be painted. I think this will work out perfect in their room – now I just need to find the laminate and chalkboard. Thanks for sharing your project.

  2. Erin

    What a wicked idea! That looks so amazing, I wonder if you could do this with that washi tape or if that would be a pain to remove.

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Awe thanks ERIN!!!! So glad you enjoyed it. I am positive Washi tape would work just as well! Let me know if you do it, I’d love to see pictures! JADE

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