Happy Happy JOY JOY! Welpers it’s Thursday and you all know what that means! Bloggy Love Thursday, time to share all of the crafty goodness from my “crafty friends”….

First up is Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza. I am always in such amazement at the things they do, it’s like superman and wonder-woman. I am in love with these collage pendants that they made. My mind is going NUTS right now thinking of what I will be doing!

OH hold on to your crafty seat belts becauseMargot Potter and Stephen Brown from Glitterville Studios show us how to make our very own crown tiara. I am totally making some of these for every occasion.

Who wants a Chanel bag? DURGHHH me and YOU! The Craft God’s have answered our prayers Check out Mark Montano ‘s latest video on turning a thrift store bag into an amazing work of ART!

Crafty Chica is my kinda crafter! She knows just what people really want, like a personalized mouse pad using your favorite fabric. You know they kind of mouse pad you can’t find ANYWHERE but your head! Check out how easy it is to make one! 

Make sure you check out my latest tutorial I did How to make Bohemian Flags!

That is it for the crafty love Jaderbugs. Until next time, wear finger protection when using a hot glue gun!

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