blue-mason-jar-plant-food-containersI love jars, especially blue mason jars. Not the kind you painted blue but the limited-edition Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars.  I went to Target and saw them on the end of an isle and they were screaming at me, saying “JADERBOMB…PLEASE COME BUY ME”.  I caved.  I love my plants so feeding them is mandatory. I only have one problem with the boxes the plant food comes in. Once you open the bag inside the moisture gets in and makes the food sticky and wet. Wanna see how I store my plant food?





I bought these paper doilies from Wal-Mart. You can let your little ones write on top of them. It is a fun way to help out plus they feel really involved.


Carefully pour the plant food into a jar.


Put the flat lid on top of the jar then place your paper doily directly on top of that. Screw the cap on. That’s it!


A super cute way to store your plant food. Another thing you can do is put packets of seeds in them. I mean it’s endless what you can do with these jems!

What will you do with your’s?


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