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This post is brought to you by BlogHer and Campbell‘s.

First of all I would love for you to meet the wisest kid in the world. Campbells Soup Company “discovered” the Wisest kid in the WHOLE world. Not only is he 8, but he is eternally 8.

Now many of you may NOT know this and it may be a huge shocker but I do have a wonderful kid! He is 13 years old and let me tell you he sure is wise. Sometimes a little too wise but what can I say, he takes after me.

There is a really great period in a kid’s life where they think they are wiser than anyone else. It’s actually the cutest time in my eyes.

Meet the Wisest kid! There is a huge purpose behind this campaign and that is to stress that kids do have wise things to say.

Campbell’s is inviting you to share your kids’ wisest words. I promise if you listen more you will hear the best things come out of their little mouths!

When I think of my son’s wisest moment there is one particular event that always pops into my head. I would say this took place around 7 years old, a very wise 7 years old.

My lil one went spend the night with his “pop” and when they were going to bed my dad said, “Say a prayer for Pop tonight please.”

Lil one said ” I can’t Pop”.

My dad said WHY! He said “Well because I never learned a prayer with the word Pop in it.”

How cute and wise is that! My dad called me the next morning almost in tears because he thought is was so amazing.


What is your favorite Campbell’s soup growing up?

I have always loved tomato soup with a grilled cheese. Wanna make the sandwich fun? Check out how Campbell’s made cut out sandwiches.


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P.S. I have been compensated for this post and am disclosing such according to FTC guidelines.  All posts, thoughts, and opinions are mine. All mine.  I have always been a Campbell’s soup consumer! 

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4 thoughts on “CAMPBELL’S WISEST KID

  1. Mique

    I loooove Campbell’s Tomato Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum! My kids say some pretty hilarious (and wise) things. I love what your lil one said. 😉

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