Wowzers!!! I can’t believe it is already THURSDAY!!! RIGHT! I have been having so much fun making all of these crafts for you {{and for me}}!  The other morning while I was making my coffee I ran out of creamer. {wahhhhh}.  So the typical routine is to throw the empty bottle away, right! That is exactly what I would have normally done {UNTIL} my lightbulb went off! I thought “how cool would it be to use these instead of throwing them away..
And here you have it! JUST FOR YOU my little jaderbugs.
I hope you enjoy!!!
 The pieces do NOT have to be a certain size.  Use the size you like.
  Are you having fun yet? OH and I am using “sparkle” Mod Podge!!!! When it dries it is full of GLITTER!!!
  Don’t worry about being perfect! It’s about having fun!!!
 This is what it will look like still damp!
Wishing my coffee pot could bring me another cup of coffee,

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4 thoughts on “DIY: Anthropologie Bottles

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  2. Julia

    I’m guessing you used the book twilight? I’m a very good detective!;) It’s also my favorite book;I know it by heart!(call me a sap, I dare you!) Anyways, you know your tutorial: Blue Jean Purse? I’m making that. I also want to try the lamp with gold beads on it. This craft looks pretty neat, too! You are so creative! I wish I was…. My favorite crafting type I sewing. I got a machine for Christmas. Well, I think I need to go! Thanks for the TOTTALY AWESOME CRAFTS AND GOOD LUCK MAKING MORE!

    Best of wishes,

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