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DIY Deer Head – Magix Stix

The Simple Secret to a DIY Deer Head! 

If you are anything like me then you love all things that scream “Bohemian”. Truly being bold with colors and not being afraid to project our style is the ultimate goal. I know everyone has different tastes and that is totally cool, but I think more people should really embrace putting things in their personal spaces that evoke a happy feeling.

DIY Deer Head

In today’s post I wanted to bring together a project that kids could partake in and also be put used as beautiful home decor in any space. 

I think the cool thing about these markers is they dry almost instantly so you don’t have to worry about bleeding onto the skin if you are working on something big. They are opaque, meaning the colors are bright and bold however you can draw on top of previous colors and you will create different shades. Who’s ready to get started on this DIY Deer Head!

Magic Markers

Magic Stix markers are a revolutionary new product to bring safe, creative fun to your crafts! Magic Stix are guaranteed to bring long lasting color to the page with the cap off for up to 7 days without drying out. With 12 classic colors, these washable and non-toxic markers will remain fresh use after use, project after project. Did you really grasp what I just said? 7 days without drying out! If you want to know the truth they actually can stay open for MUCH longer and they won’t try out. 

The markers come in a 24 pack and I will tell you that whoever designed the colors for this pack did a swell job. They vary from very bright all the way down to slight skin tones. 

Magic Stix 24pk- Washable Markers

Retails for USD$ 19.99


Magic Stix Markers

It’s hard to see in this picture because it’s white on white but in today’s post I am using a paper mache deer head. Faux items like this are swarming the craft stores and I thought I would add it to my bohemian decor. I loved the surface and I thought it would work great with these awesome markers. Did I mention that you can use these markers on any surface!  How to make a Deer Head

The first thing you will do is not panic! Sometimes when you see a blank “canvas” in front of you your brain just doesn’t know where to start. My advice to you is just START!!! Keep in mind the more colors you add the more it will come together. 

If you are wondering if I had a design plan before I started this deer head the answer is no.  I tend to live on the edge and just let things flow. Most of the time this is when my best projects come into fruition. I thought it would be a good idea to start on a small surface and work my way onto the rest of the deer head. It’s just me and the deer ear at this point, haha! DIY Deer Projects

After completing my first line I branched out and started adding lines. Now if you are not wanting to live on the edge like I do you can easily find designs and patterns online to go off of. I love how fast these markers dry once applied to the surface. 
Easy Kid Projects

They work almost like a paint marker. Keep in mind the shade of the marker may be different depending on the material you are using. This deer head is made of paper so the ink in the marker gets soaked up a lot more versus on paper. Rainbow Markers

Pleased is an understatement with how it turned out. I worked on this head for a few nights while watching Netflix. While figuring out my design for this DIY Deer Head Candice took control of the markers for a hot minute and was enjoying helping me! DIY Deer Head Tutorial

The good thing about Paper Mache is that the surface is rugged so when you draw on top of it it gives an automatic 3-D look to it. Fun Kid Projects

I wanted to make my deer look a little frisky so I made sure to add some bold lips! Come on, you know this makes the deer look superb! How to draw lips

To make my life easier the back of this deer head had a spot where you could easily hang it up on a nail. It worked out perfectly because it fits perfect on my faux mantle. That’s right, faux mantle. Mantle Projects

This DIY Deer Head would look good in a modern home and it would also look great in a kids space. There is no way you can walk past this cute deer head and not smile from ear to ear. Paper Mache Projects

Check out what I created using their Magic Stix make sure to click here to see the full tutorial! They have the best Solid Tempera Paint sticks as you can see below! This brand has definitely got their color pallets down! Popsicle Projects DIY

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY The Pencil Grip, however all opinions on these products are completely mine.

I hope you enjoyed this fun super fancy deer head DIY project! Make sure to check out all of the Pencil Grips line of products! You will swoon for days! 

See you in the next post, until then hugs from my computer to yours!

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