DIY: Fish Bowl Terrarium

Happy Tuesday Jaderbugs!

It was a beautiful day today. The sun was shining. I was OFF. I rearranged our living room. I DANCED my BUTT off while doing this. I ate a bowl of fruity pebbles.

I wish I could do all of these things EVERY day.  I am ready for a new and wonderful day and I am trying to figure out what my theme song will be. After I rearranged the living room I realized we needed more “greenery”. What was a girl to do? Time to get out the plants that even I can’t kill. Just joking, (not really).

Let’s start making out terrarium!

You will need: a fish bowl, succulents (i get mine from Home Depot) and they are super cheap there, moss (i LOVE super moss), rocks and potting soil (the kind for these types of plants).

Line the bottom of your bowl with rocks or glass beads. Anything to make the draining process better.

Fill up your bowl with your cactus potting mix by Miracle Gro.

Well whatduhya know! We are almost done!

Look how pretty this is! It reminds me of the moss plant I got from Moss Rocks! Remember, he was on the Martha Stewart show after my segment! You HAVE to check out his stuff! UH-Maz-ING! OH I just realized it is in the picture at the top of this post! Look how cute it is! Thanks again David!

After you put every thing in it’s new home you can clean your plants using a small brush.  Make sure you lightly water until soil is moist. Don’t forget to place in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight and you can water it once a week!

There you have it jaderbugs! These suckers usually last pretty long if you don’t tend to them that much, haha. My little moss rock has been going strong since I got it.

{{sorry Trista}}

Sending you big warm waxy hugs,

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3 thoughts on “DIY: Fish Bowl Terrarium

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  2. Izzy509

    I liked your fish bowl terrarium. I noticed you didn’t use charcoal. I bought plants today to make a terrarium and was checking on-line to find an alternative to using charcoal. The charcoal is suppose to cut-down on smell caused by the water. How’s your terrarium doing?

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Izzy: Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! I did not use charcoal and I never have. I have had no problems with mine yet! However it did break due to a lil kid I know, haha! XOXO, Jade!


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