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DIY Leather Cuff – Marisa Pawelko

“Hip Hop Hooray, Hoooo” for the DIY Leather Cuff we are making today… Right about here you can insert a big old turquoise rock in my mouth. For some reason I am listening to sad, sad music on my computer but that song is BLASTING in my head. It’s probably because Marisa Pawelco’s die cuts are amaze-balls!


I am all about buying leather cuffs because let’s face it it’s easier and most of us don’t have the patience to sit there and cut a perfect line on leather. Remember when I made this one! I think Marisa though of all the impatient people out there when she designed her line with Sizzix!

♥→Today I will show you how to use an awesome crafting tool and how to create the most unique leather cuff using it.

DIY Leather CuffIf you are like me then you are totally in love with this turquoise rock! Let’s get started.
you will need
Scraps of Leather \ Brush \ Adhesive Bling \ Scissors \ Yarn \ Fabric Paint (optional) \ Sizzix Sophisticate Machine Only \  Sizzix Originals Die: Chained \ Sizzix Originals Die : Fashion Cuff

Hey! If you want to purchase any of the items I used in this tutorial you can click on the links above and get them all from the SAME spot! They are affiliate links which means you are helping me buy more glitter and gold to make you happy crafts!

leather cuff suppliesThe Sophisticate machine comes with a few parts that you will have to assemble, but don’t worry it’s simple!sizzix marisa pawelko

1. Insert the handle into the side of machine
2. Use the screw driver that came with the machine to secure screw inside of the handle
3. Insert the rubber cap that covers the hole

VOILA! Pretty simple huh!sizziz die cut

On each side of your die cut machine you press where the sticker is and the sides will flip open. marisa pawelko sizzix machine

These are the two die cuts we will be using today.

P.S. Do not remove the foam and be careful because the metal inside the rubber is really sharp.
Said no one who sliced their finger trying to “dissect” the chains.
marisa pawelko die cuts

You have two cutting pads that come with the machine and you will need both every time you cut something.
marisa pawelko

To start you will lay out your leather scrap and place one of  the cutting pads on top. With a pair of fabric scissors cut as close around the pad as you can. This does not have to be “perfect”, we just don’t want too much hanging off the edges.
cutting leather

This is how you will layer everything before we start inserting it into the machine.
1st layer: Cutting Pad
2nd layer: Die Cut of choice
3rd layer: Leather
4th layer: Cutting pad.

It’s like a crafty sandwich. Speaking of sandwiches, I think I want one with chips smashed on it.
leather crafts

Keep it all together nice and neat while inserting into the machine. The great thing is it’s convenient for anyone regardless if you are right handed or left.

Shoots, you can even do it with your feet if you want. making leather cuffs

This is what it will look like when you run it completely through the machine. How amazing! It’s like a slice of heaven on a platter. Check out how precise it cuts and those dots…PERFECTION.easy leather cuff

diy leather cuff

I love how detailed all of her die cuts are. Check out the chains! I have so many ideas just looking at them.
chain die cuts

I am also in love with the negative space in this leather. You can even use this as a stencil now.leather diy

I am using shiny lion brand yarn for my string. I love this tan color. If you don’t like the way I am attaching the yarn you can simply tie a knot or put a chain on the ends. It’s really so versatile. 7.jpg

chain link die cut

I am dressing up my black leather cuff with a sheet of blingy bling that you can cut then stick on anything.

Are you drooling yet?! I am.

bedazzled leather cuff

fun diy craftseasy cuff diyFor this cuff I attached one of the leather chain cut outs on top of my plain leather cuff. This will make any arm happy, for real.  fashion blogger

chained leather cuff

chain cuff tutorial

bedazzled cuff

MARISA PAWELKO LEATHER CUFF DIE CUTI hope you enjoyed this tutorial because it’s so stinking cute. Make sure to check out Marisa Pawelko’s site because she super cool.

From Sizzix:

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38 thoughts on “DIY Leather Cuff – Marisa Pawelko

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  8. Marisa Pawelko

    Thanks so much for being a part of this amazing blog hop and sharing your creative ideas! I love the way you constructed the blinged out leather cuff! And the way you used the chain as a solo strand for a bracelet totally infused my brain with a million and one inspiring wearable art ideas! I love your easy to understand step-by-step tutorial and I am absolutely honored to be featured on your awesome blog. Your support means so much to me! Keep up the amazing design work girlfriend! xoxoxoxox

  9. Judy B

    Love all your ideas for these bracelets. Thanks for sharing with us your take on using these new dies.

  10. barb macaskill

    Totally rad dudette! MUST have this entire collection!! Learning that the SophistiCut comes with it’s own screwdriver set me off (in a good way)! Now I KNOW I NEED this awesome machine along with all of these dies and accoutrements!! Crossing my fingers that I will be saying THANK YOU after seeing my name as the winner of this amazing contest! TFS!

  11. Linda

    Love this idea for a cuff with the bling and all! what a great idea I juts love it! thnx so much for sharing!!

  12. Shawn Mosch

    I love how you used the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique! Would you mind if I share your project on their blog?

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Shawn: I surely don’t mind if you share just as long as you share one picture with a link back to the full tutorial! Glad you enjoyed!

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