Dream On, Dream On… Insert a tired face drinking coffee, singing this.  The other day I took a walk in my neighborhood ,remember the pictures I shared?  I have this odd desire to “collect” things that cross my path. Maybe it’s a little obsession or it could be that I am a little bit of a hoarder. I am sure people who know me reading this will laugh at that sentence. The only good thing is I get rid of these things as soon as I get them, so technically I am NOT a hoarder, haha! We will be making a dream catcher mobile today and trust me you will fall in love just like I did. Speaking of fall I can’t wait to start spraying these scents all over my house!

wooden dreamcatcher mobile

Wouldn’t this dream catcher look splendid on top of a baby’s crib?! It is sorta abstract v/s modern v/s county v/s whimsical.

you will need

Branches | Twine | Glitter Pens | Brushes | Paint | Crayola Air Dry Clay | Lotsa Love

P.S. If you click on the links above you can purchase all of the items I used, oh and you can help feed me more eggs and grits!

wooden crafts

martha stewart paintHow delish are these colors! It’s like “Hey, I’ll take a plate of purple mush and green with envy”. I mean, if I could eat paint it would surely be this one!

how to put glitter on wood

It’s been forever since I used these sparkly glitter pens and boy am I glad I busted them out of their cubby hole!

painting wood

 Make sure when you open your bottle of paint to remove the protective paper on top! Or you could do like me and keep squirting and NOTHING ever happen. You would think as long as I been using these paints I would remember about this little piece of paper, right!

wood paint

learn how to paint on wood

 I didn’t paint in a particular order, I just painted!

how to store your paint

how to use clay

 I used Crayola air dry clay to form little balls. Make sure to stick a tooth pick through them before they dry.  Once they are dry paint them whatever color you want.

how to paint clay

painted wood crafts

crafting with wood

wood mobile

On the end of each branch hot glue twine in a circular motion, don’t forget to leave a long piece on the end to connect them to each other!

how to string beads

String your beads now! I used super thin twine for this.

painting wood with paint

The next step is easy! Start connecting them any way you want, after all it is your dream catcher mobile.

wood mobile tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this post, seriously from the bottom of my super hungry, growling stomach. I hope the next time you see branches on the side of the road you pick  them up!

Big HUGE glittery HUGS!

jaderbomb love

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