DUCK TAPE laptop bag

Ole HAPPY FRIDAY Jaderbugs!

Last week before I went to New York I ran across this fabulous gold duck tape in Target. Have you ever seen the isle in Target with all of the duck tape? I promise the little voice in your head will totally come out in that isle. Forget that you need meat to feed your family that night, because the voice is telling you what YOU need!

Before I start with the directions, I want to tell you something. You might “actually” like this bag and think it’s not a TOTAL failure.  On one hand it’s not a failure because it actually works but on the other hand I think it’s insanely UGLY. Why on earth would I share something that is not a success in my eyes? Well because you might see it and get an idea, you might like it or you might just enjoy knowing that I’m not actually perfect. I should start a blog for all of my “UGLY” projects. You know how many I do that uh…don’t turn out like it did in my head?!

Maybe you will love me a little more after seeing this…

Duck Tape
Bubble Wrap (I got this from Target)

1. Get your bubble wrap and lay a piece down. I just put my laptop on top of one piece.
2.  Cut your bubble wrap but make sure it’s long enough to for the remaining piece to completely fold over the top of the laptop.
3.  After you do step 2 cut the two ends that meet up. Make sure they are even.
4.  This is how much you should have hanging over the top now [not the sides] . You don’t need too much. Honestly. I didn’t measure because I figured everyone has different size laptops, or you want to do this for your ipad and it’s easier to just do the steps for your own device.
5.  After you cut your top pieces and they line up start putting your duck tape down on top of the bubble wrap. Make sure you put it on the FLAT side not the BUBBLE side. I tore strips and added them right next to each other until it was all covered.
6.  You can see in this picture what I meant about step 5. Notice how I am enclosing the sides with duck tape too!
REMINDER! Notice at the top of this picture (6) that there is a little bubble wrap showing. That’s because you want to leave a flap at the top. So just take your piece of duck taped bubble wrap, lay your computer on top of it fold it over once and “pretend” it’s in a case and you will have some left over at the top. This is the flap that goes on the OUTSIDE of case.
7.  Continue to duck tape the sides.


8.  Tadahhhh!!! It’s that simple.

I know. You are probably wondering where did the “leopard” tape come in. When you are completely done you can take the square flap at the top cut some angles on it to make it look like mine, (at the top)…I just added some leopard to the sides after I cut them.

This is JUST for decoration. I swear.

I showed this to a few people and they said it was SUPER cute. Do you think I believed them. NO. Were they serious. YES!

See you in the next post!

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8 thoughts on “DUCK TAPE laptop bag

  1. Jess

    It’s a cute idea and I think it would have maybe been better with a duct tape that had a pattern. Like if the Leopard would have been the body of the case and the gold the trim. I have some really cute skull duct tape that I may cover an old nook cover with <—- see there's an idea that I got from this. There's usually success that comes from failure – soooo it's really not failure 🙂

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      HAHA! I am glad you think so. It’s not as bad in person!!! haha

  2. Tisha Joiner

    Loved this tutorial, I used the pink, grey and white argyle duct tape. I even made a pocket on the outside for the mouse and cords. Thanks for posting.

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it! Post your picture on my facebook! I would love to see it!

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  4. Sharon

    Nice idea. Just what I need to make something for my son’s laptop. It’s just too big for most laptop cases, and doing it myself with this idea is perfect. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      That is awesome Sharon! Please post a picture on my Facebook when you complete it! Just search the Jaderbomb blog on fb~ Happy New YEAR!

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