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Fall Mantle Crafts – Home Decor

I know what you are thinking, crazy it’s not Fall. I then come back and say “really, it’s not”.  You might even want to insert a crooked smile here. Someday’s I get that because of this unexpected career in blogging. I am a little ahead of my time when it comes to home decor and crafting. That is why I am sharing last year’s fall mantle crafts with you today.

fall mantle crafts

I have to be! I know this sounds cray cray but in August when you are doing back to school shopping and scouring Pinterest for ways to get organized I am trying to create new Fall and Halloween ideas for you, which you will then be seeing all over my Pinterest {click link to follow me} in September. Did I mention that in September I am already starting Christmas things?

Maybe that is why I always feel like I am in a time warp yo. Yesterday I was looking back at my Fall mantle last year and boy oh boy has things changed. For one I must have been in a Easter time warp with the turquoise walls. I mean sure, it fit’s my personality but I am still sitting here shaking my head. I will blame it on being in school full time and going nuts internally. There, I have a legit excuse. Moving on.

Aside from the “let’s pretend we are at a beach house but we are in musky Louisiana”  turquoise walls my mantle was exploding with some really fun unique crafts. Crafts in which I believe could be used for many of you and possibly in different ways. Be open and creative when you look at someone’s mantle. Don’t nit pick it because there might be ONE thing you can take away from it for your own house. For example the painted sticks could be used for Christmas, but you could spray paint them GOLD. See?

Good news! The walls are a different color now, the shelf is gone and there is no sign of fall yet. But no worries I will soon share with you my non fall mantle crafts. Just get ready because in a DIY blogger’s house things change quick! CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF THE CRAFTS IN ACTION.

Big huge glittery hugs from my ex mantle to yours,



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