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Garland made with Pom Poms – DIY

Pom Pom’s… It’s what’s for dinner. Well not really but if I could eat them I would. Why is it when I encounter fun things my insides bubble? For instance I just came home from Wal-Mart and when I was there I saw a Lisa Frank notebook. I literally had to stand in the isle for 10 minutes debating with myself on reasons I need it and reasons I don’t. Did I end up buying it, NO.  On another fly note I am pumped to show you this tutorial. I love the look of felt balls and I started thinking of an easier way to make a felt ball garland minus the felt balls. I found a normal bag of pom poms at Hobby Lobby the other day for maybe $1.00. Yep, I bought them! Come with me and I will show you how to make a garland made with Pom Poms.
Garland made with Pom Poms

you will need

*Baker’s Twine
*Pom-Pom’s (got these from Hobby Lobby)
*Glue Gun

Garland made with Pom Poms

The materials you need for this project are minimal. Baker’s twine and a bag of pom poms. Plug in your glue gun, when it’s super hot glue the pom poms to the twine! That’s it y’all!

pom pom crafts

I love the way they look and remind me of a vintage room. Maybe I just like anything bright and fun against white walls.

how to make a garland using pompoms

I am off to edit pictures for tomorrow’s post! See ya then.
Glittered hugs from me to you!


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