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12 Months of Martha – Glittered Mugs

ST_12_months_of_Martha_Logo-1Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! I am so excited to share today’s craft with you. Do you remember last year when I told you I was chosen to be a 12 months of Martha blogger? You can check out all of my posts here.  GUESS WHAT! I was chosen again to be a 12 months of Martha blogger!

Yippe Ki Yay! I wanted to make something that you could drink out of or put on your desk! These Glittered Mugs will totally make your heart melt and it’s the perfect gift to give someone. Let’s get started!


Glitter tray and rack | Patterning tape | Heart Glitter | Mugs | Brush | Decoupageglittered mug supplies
If you have not seen this amazing glitter then you are about to flip out. These are so stinking cute right. It’s baby heart that shine like stars in the sky. I chose these two colors because I thought they went nicely together.aaThe first thing you will do is put tape around the mug. I wanted to add glitter on the bottom half so I simply put tape in the middle of the mug. how to use stenciling tape
In today’s project we will be using a gloss decoupage. I love this product because when it dries, it dries clear and so beautiful. how to write on mugsI am loving this new glitter rack and tray. It is great way to trap the glitter and when you are done you can pour it back into the glitter tube. The great thing is on the corner of the tray there is a tray that has a little hole on it making it easy to remove the glitter without a huge mess.

You will lay your mug on top of the tray and coat a section with decoupage then immediately sprinkle the heart glitter all over it. glittered mugs
We will also embellish our mugs with miniature love notebooks. I am in LOVE with these. You can really write in them!how to make glittered mugs

black and white straws

valentines diy

diy mugsIf you want to make the glitter look thick then you will add a coat over the mug, let it dry completely. Apply another coat of decoupage then put a layer of glitter again. shiny gold mugsI added some dirt in the mugs and added a few plants in them. These would look great on a desk or a nice gift.how to make a mug planter

glittered mugs

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! It’s perfect for Valentines day, right!


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30 thoughts on “12 Months of Martha – Glittered Mugs

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  2. Diane

    These are precious and I have lots of folks to give sweet little gifts to at every new holiday.
    I am wondering if you can drink from these are how you would seal these to make sure
    they are washable? Glitter has such a tendency in my past to keep coming off.

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Diane! When they are completely dry you can put another layer of gloss decoupage on top and they can actually cure in 28 days then you can wash them in the dish washer. However I have NO patience for that so I usually put a coat of decoupage on top then let it dry. Once dry, I add another coat and let dry. I will sometimes add 3 coats and I gently hand wash if they need to be cleaned. Hope this helps!

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