Yes. Today I will be showing you exactly how my brain thinks! It really funny because every single thing I look at  I think to myself, “I wonder how I could spice this up“. Is that normal? Does anyone else out there do this. Let me clarify it’s not every 10th object I do this to. It’s EVERY single thing my eyes land on Jaderbugs. {{For example I am thinking right now how to decorate my laptop}}. SEE.

I hope everyone out there had a great day SUN-day. A friend of mine sent me a HUGE box of “blue” bottles because she knows I collect them. They are SOOO PRETTY! I can’t wait to do fun crafts with them. They were SKYY Vodka bottles. I said “WOW, that was prolly lot’s of “FUN” nights”.

I told you it was ALOT

Let’s get started on the craft we are working on today!


You can get these magnet sheets at Wal-Mart in the craft section. They are maybe 2 bucks! Of course I used Martha Stewart scissors and glitter. It is the BEST!

Start cutting out triangles. You can cut one and make a template if you want. I just eyeballed it because I wanted them to be different sizes!

SEE! Triangles!

After you cut out all of your triangles, peel the paper off of the sticky side and sprinkle glitter all over it!

Who woulda ever “thunk” to decorate a lil ole coffee pot!

Sorry if my “stainless” steel looks a little discolored, this sucker is worked to the BONE!

I think this is the cutest thing ever! Not sure many MEN will love this (haha) good luck ladies!!!!
I hope you enjoyed this craft and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another fun craft! I will give you a hint {{gold}}!!!

Close your eyes and pretend we are sitting on a porch drinking glittered coffee,

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