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How to feel AWESOME

Ready for me to show you how to feel AWESOME by watching a few videos ♥First let me tell you that today I had an “ok” day. I went to bed last night 100¾% ready for the “BLOOD MOON”. So ready I set my alarm to wake up an experience this amazing event. Usually when spectacular things like this happen I try to make it a spiritual event for myself. So, I wrote down all of my intentions and things I wanted to release then I went to bed. My alarm went off at 2:42 AM and I walked outside – into pure disappointment. Not only was it COLD (WTF Louisiana) but it was also cloudy. Yep you guessed it, the only thing bloody was my blood shot eyes. Out of anger I didn’t go over my list of things and burn it as planned but I convinced myself that I was still cool with the Universe since I wrote it before I went to bed. Right!? Oh these will also make you feel awesome.

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♥♥♥ I ran across a few pretty amazing videos today and wanted to share them with you.

The first video brought TEARS to my blood shot eyes and made me feel super happy inside. I think we all struggle with fear. I mean, I do daily especially lately. Fear can sometimes stop me in my tracks and force me to second guess everything in my life, past or present. Anyways. Please watch this video all the way to the end because it’s totally worth it. Grab a cup of JOE in this and it will make you feel warm and cozy while watching these.

It’s about two women, An and Ria who are willing to take a big risk and try something new. They learned how to be free, have fun, share a lifetime experience and feel EMPOWERED with millions of viewers watching. I love how Vodafone is celebrating stories of #Firsts. Surely this video will make you smile and maybe shed a few tears of happiness. After all, aren’t we supposed to always be happy!

The second video literally had me baffled at first just WAITING for the insertion of a joke at any given moment until the end of the video. IT MADE ME SO EMOTIONAL. I’ll blame that on the dang blood moon, k. But seriously let me know how this video made you feel in the comment section below! You will just SHAKE YOUR HEAD when it’s over. I hope this makes your heart smile. I sat down tonight to share it with my son who is almost 14 and he actually got teary eyed….. smiled then hugged me. Insert: BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD 

I also ran across this video that made me super uuber full of yummy goodness in my belly and teary eyed at the same time. Why is it when you combine animals in a video that are purely driven by faith its makes us cry. Oh, wait… Am I the only one that cries for stuff like this? The reason I wanted to share this video with you is because it proves to us that no matter what, if the drive inside of us is strong and we have TON’S and dern TON’S of faith ANYTHING is possible.

I hope I made you happy and smile from ear to ear. Remember when life throws you lemons, freaking throw them back and always wear perfume to bed! See you in the next post my little Jaderbugs!


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