There is nothing better than going in your backyard with $2 glass bottles and in 30 minutes staring at beautiful faux milk glass for your home. That is the kinda stuff I live for. Let’s be real not everyone can afford to really make a FULL centerpiece with “real” milk glass. Thankfully I collect it but I am surely not putting in out on my table to get knocked over. Recently I did a tutorial on puffy paint vases so that is what we will use as our base for this tutorial.


 I am in love with these bottles and I can’t wait to make so many more. Just think how gorgeous these will look for different holidays. You can do red ones for Christmas, brown ones for Thanksgiving and orange or black ones for Halloween. Did I mention these are so fun for kids? Ok let’s get started.


 Remember these Neon Puffy Paint bottles that I made this week? You will have to do this first before we turn them into “Milk Glass”. Get the full tutorial HERE.

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how -to-make-faux-milk-glass

All you need to do is spray paint the bottles with about 3-4 coats. Don’t try to coat the bottle right off the bat. Spray thin coats and I promise eventually it will be opaque. If you try to make it opaque in the first layer it will start dripping. (trust me, haha)

how -to-make-faux-milk-glass


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Stay tuned for some other fun crafts this coming week!

How would you display these?


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5 thoughts on “How to make faux milk glass : Tutorial

  1. Melissa

    Suddenly my glass bottle collecting obsession makes perfect sense! How cool!!

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