Happy Saturday everyone. I have been so excited lately with fun things and I can’t wait to share them all with you. I figured I would space things out so you are not overloaded with it all, right! I am always so thankful to all of you that come here daily and support me. I often think about everything that has happened in my life and quickly freak out.  When I say freak out that usually means dancing on the spot and making weird faces. Ok enough mushy talk let’s get to business.

Today we are making something really unique and awesome. Homemade stickers using a Xyron sticker maker. . I know what you are thinking, why make them when you could buy them. I thought the same thing until I experienced this sucker. Last year at CHA  I got this and I don’t think I realized at the time how much it would impact my life. Haha, that is funny! Let’s get started. homemade stickers





Xyron Sticker Maker | Scissors | Ribbon
homemade stickers

Did I mention you can use any kind of ribbon that you like. I swear it’s the coolest thing. I wish I had 10 more because it’s amazing when you are crafting.

homemade stickers

The first thing you will do is cut a strip of ribbon. Start off with a small piece just to get the hang of it. I promise its easy.

homemade stickers

Place the ribbon like this in the sticker maker. Make sure the good side faces upward.

homemade stickers

Pull the sheet at the bottom.

homemade stickers

Once all of your ribbon is out tear the paper. The ribbon will now be in the middle of a white piece of paper and a clear film. Take the clear film off then peel the ribbon off. It’s really that easy. The underside of the ribbon will have a sticky film on it and you will be able to put the sticker wherever your little heart desires.

homemade stickers

I love sealing little bags with them. It makes things so personal and FUN!

homemade stickers

There is ONE rule, you must have fun with this crafting tool! I might be doing a giveaway with some of these soon so stay tuned. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Love you to pieces and pieces



I am so thrilled to finally tell you about this! We all know and LOVE the Crafty Chica right. Guess what! Yours truly will be the SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST on the cruise. Wahoo, hurry and sign up because it’s her last year doing it so it so we will be going out with a bang. Who knows…. Next year they might just have a “JADERBOMB” cruise…..Check out all the info on the cruise here.


Another totally exciting thing this month is my craft tutorial will be on the FRONT cover of Kids Crafts 123! To top it off, my god child was my model with the pink tiara so she is super thrilled about this. Get the 411 on how I made it inside. It will hit stands July 9th and you can find it at Wal-Mart, Barnes N Noble or any major book store. Wahoo!!!!!

See ya in the next post Jaderbugs

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