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Happy Happy Friday Jaderbugs!!!!! I am so excited to show you this recipe. My little family loves when I make pancakes. We got this baby cakes maker and I can’t lie, we were not sure it would make PERFECT cake balls. But it did. We actually tried to make spiderman cake balls. EPIC FAIL. Decorating a BALL is much harder than it looks! I would post a picture of them but you might change your opinion about me (paaahahah)

The recipe I am posting today is super easy and if you don’t like Nutella, you simply don’t have to put it. I am pretty much IN LOVE with the stuff so watch out! We are making NUTELLA PANCAKE BALLS!



The ingredients are pretty basic. That makes it easier, a lot easier! I remember when I was a little girl, my mom made the BEST pancakes! That is prolly why I love them so much to this day!

Start by mixing your oil, egg and 1 cup of mil together until it’s well blended. In a separate bowl sift flour, baking powder,nutmeg, sugar and salt together. When you are done sifting, you can add the flour mixture to the milk mixture. Blend very well.

When you are done mixing all of the milk mixture and flour mixture add in that extra little tablespoon of milk.

Instead of using a frying pan for this sucker I am using this amazing Baby Cake’s Cake Ball maker. I know what your thinking. This is not cake balls. Guess what! You can use this sucker for ANYTHING. Which is why I am loving it more and more each day. Ashy made cornbread balls the other day when she made homemade chili. Can we say DELISH! Baby Cakes cooked them SO good! They were bite size which means they were perfect for single bites! Everyone ate the cornbread balls before the chili was gone! So, after this I thought. Why not make pancake balls. Let me tell ya. CUHRAZY good. If you don’t have one you can purchase it at Bed, Bath and  Beyond. It’s only $19.99! Get one here!!!!

I like to pour my batter into a ziplok bag. It makes is SO easy to pour out!

 Right after I pour my batter in I start squeezing my Nutella right in the middle. Yes, I put my Nutella in a Ziplok bag too! It makes it super easy. One hint tho, you want to go QUICK when doing this step! It starts cooking them right away and you want to close the top as soon as possible!

Even Ceaux Ceaux had fun watching the whole family do this. I think she was laughing in her head at us!  Don’t forget to check out her blog!

I hope you enjoyed this fun recipe!

Sending you lot’s of hugs and positive energy,


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7 thoughts on “NUTELLA PANCAKE BALLS- Recipe

  1. Kim @ Sand & Sisal

    You had me at Nutella….. I’m sooooo making these this weekend! I have a babycakes machine and these look oh so addicting… My bikini is cursing you as we speak. 😉

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Hey girly! They are SOOO good! I even tried them with the box mix and I hate to say, it kinda liked it better than my recipe! HAHA! But either way, they are good! I let go of the bikini a long time ago… (insert sad face, haha)

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