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“A good scare is worth more than good advice.” -Edgar Watson Howe

Happy Monday! I am so excited to reveal the new list for October.

{a good thing to do is make this picture your screen saver so you will NOT forget to play the game}
You can print it out, put it on your fridge, at your desk or just keep it in your pictures album on your phone. It’s also good to set a daily reminder on your phone.

The HASH tag for every picture you post will be


(it’s very important that you put this in the comment section for each picture)

So…If you are new to this game I host every month let me tell you a little about it. It’s a fun game that anyone can play. It’s a simple way to stop and smell the roses. I know, that sounded so cliche but you understand. We all live busy lives and sometimes we miss little things that are really HUGE important things. It’s not hard to mess up because each day represents that day in the month. Don’t worry if you skip a day, we still want you to pick right back up and start taking pictures!

Share your pictures on your INSTAGRAM, TWITTER,FACEBOOK or wherever! I am in love with instagram.  I love that I can post a picture to facebook or twitter right from it. 3 in 1. These are little things that make me happy.

Follow me on INSTAGRAM. My handle is


Some fun apps that I am ALWAYS using to add flare to my pictures are:

(this app has a ton of filters to make your pics amazing)
(I love this app because you can add sparkle and shine to your pictures)
Collage Day
(FREE, this is the one stop shop to add washi tape or whatever to your pics)
(use this to put more than one picture in one frame and you can write on your pics here)
(this app allows you to put your pics in BUBBLE’S and cute bubbles at that)

P.S. If you want to add the button for this months list to your website or blog just grab the button on my sidebar (on website homepage) and voila.
You will  “add a Gadget” then “add html box”

You can also right click and save it to your desk top. If you have trouble send me a message!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see ya in the next post! Make sure you come visit me in these places too! (look below this line, hehe)

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