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Instagram Sunday

So it’s Simmer down Sunday and it’s time to break out the instagram pictures of the week! This week has been {cray-cray}.
The one good thing that came out yesterday on the blog was my new  photo game:

I SPY with my CAMERA eye 

 STOP and CLICK. It’s a simple way to SEE things we are “normally” too busy to see. Ready to play?

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+Jaderbomb and the University of Louisiana football team
+ Cute little owl’s at Michaels Arts and Crafts (me and glitterville have this in common, haha)
+My kitchen wall with my Peggy Bundy painting
+My favorite Pens
+The amazing crossword puzzle that had “JADE” in it
+Everyone needs a “binder” cookbook with an equal right’s sticker on it!
+Making my homemade detergent while Hurricane Isaac came over
+Who does NOT love leopard fingernails?
+New pumpkin harvest blue moon
+I love when I see a “half moon” in my coffee mug
+The lovely weather before Mr. Isaac came over

+Day 2 on I SPY with my CAMERA EYE
+My “rare” find of the week. And old bath and body works bar of soap
+Just wanted to share another CLOSE up of a “Louisiana girl’s” recipe book
+My New York shoes, only my “fairy” understands this
+My fun trophy flower pots that I made this week, check them out HERE
+My antique milk glass that broke while hanging something on the wall. stay tuned

+I had to share this picture again. I mean the sky has hearts in it 😉
+I love when my Ashy sends me morning sky pictures
+dear, isaac. why are you so beautiful?
+are you in love yet?
+Making my Ashy her birthday cake…we even had a special guest, Isaac. haha
+I am totally digging clouds lately. Are you?

Here is the list for the month of SEPTEMBER! Have you started yet? It’s easy!

Sign up with Instagram. Take a picture everyday. Share on facebook and twitter.

It’s really that simple. The cool thing is you can link up your facebook and twitter through your instagram account. It’s like 3 in 1.

The most important thing is tag each with this:


That’s it Jaderbugs! Click HERE to read more about my photo game!

See you in the next post!

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