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Boom Chaka Laka, Chaka Laka, Chaka Laka, Laka BOOM! I am on this odd spoon kick lately. I am not quite sure how to kick it so I decided to share all of the fun things I been doing with them. You remember the other day when I posted this, well before I put up all of my colored nail polish I thought hard about what else I could do with them. I went into a day long daze (crafters you know what this is) and BOOM. This thought happened. Kitchen Decorating 101. Well, not exactly what you see below but the thought of bright, whimsical, retro spoons happened in my noggin. Initially I thought they would look great in a glass jar in the kitchen. I put them in a jar but it was like looking at yourself in the mirror while trying on bathing suits. It worked but didn’t work. Or in my case I have just resorted to the “shirt” on top because I don’t want the sun to burn me. Wink Wink!

Anyways, I grabbed some gold glitter and sprinkled it over my head then the magical thought of a spoon display occurred to me. There you go, now you have my trick on how I create things. Let’s get started!

you will need

Wooden Spoon | Nail Polish | Wooden Plaque
decorative wooden spoonsRainbow Nail Polish

I am going to be honest, there was no specific pattern involved just pure excitement. I did want them to feel a little tribal | retro | whimsical | happy | colorful and that is exactly what I got. I was not planning on doing a black and white one until I put them together. I needed that to break the colors up, I think that was a smart choice.

how to paint on spoons

What colors will you be using? It would even look great as a whole set in one specific color/design. Now remember I did not coat them with anything because the nail polish gave me a great shiny finish.

painted spoons

I painted a piece of wood white and let that dry over night with the spoons. Once everything is dry you can then glue the spoons to the wood with the glue of your choice.
I made these for decoration purposes.

in other news

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Big Glittery HUGS from me to YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Kitchen Decorating – Wooden Spoon Display

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  3. Ashwini

    Ohh wow. I have a bunch of wooden spoons nearing the end of their life and being g replaced with new ones. I will try these so I can add some decor and recycle my old wooden spoons

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  10. Smitha Seth

    This is such great idea which gives new look to our kitchen. It will look really nice while using such colorful wooden spoons in kitchen.

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