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Let’s Face It – Britney Spears

Well here goes another dam edition of face it friday. That lovely day of the week where we are all forced to “face things”, well at least only here you are. Can you believe the 4th is over already? I thought my birthday celebrations were big, but holy guacamole-yyy. I didn’t have fireworks at my party. SMH = Shaking My Head.
{Can we say a little conceited “Merica” as Bernie Mac would say} At least my little one told me yesterday that he didn’t want to buy fireworks because they are a waste of money. Let’s face it that’s a SCORE!

let's face it

 On to bigger and better things. Like this shirt I ran across. Now before you freak out let me just say first that I love Brit, for goodness sake she is a Louisianaian just like me. How can I not love her! But let’s face it, how can we ever forget this radical moment in her life? SMH.

 My bestie bought me the best graduation present this year. Stackable mugs, which are rainbow. There is one problem though, every day I try to drink out of as many colors as possible. Yep this would be considered a little “cray cray” but let’s face it after I get through the yellow mug life get’s a little blurry. Maybe I can blame the caffeine for that.

In case you didn’t know I graduated from college in May!  I am still trying to get adjusted to the fact that I don’t have to go back in August but I will prolly just go anyways. I want to go to a large class all semester and see how long it takes for them to figure out that I am not actually enrolled. I am doing Dr. Evil’s laugh right. about. now. Let’s face it>>>>the speech we got for graduation was sorta… well boring?! I think it was so boring all I did was Vine videos while it was going on. One of my fellow graduates tagged me on facebook yesterday and said this is the speech we SHOULD have received. I liked the post and now I am sharing. Please watch, PLEASE!

The picture I decided to share today is from me and the wifey’s walk the other day. I seriously love eucalyptus. I love it so much that I “borrow” fresh pieces from our neighbors tree every once in a while. No, she does not know but I have a feeling deep down she would not mind. After all, her yard is a little “ungroomed” anyways. I am just trying to help!  But let’s face it, it’s much easier to get fresh eucalyptus when someone cut’s down a tree and has it all stacked on the side of the road. FU-REE.  We picked this bunch and walked for 2 more miles with it in tow.
let's face it friday.jpg

Happy Happy Joy Joy >>>>it’s Friday Y’all. Don’t forget to give someone a huge hug today and stop to smell the roses or eucalyptus.

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