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Make a Wish – Team Taylor

This is a different post than what I normally post but I truly want to share this amazing person and story with you. Sue Doyle is my best friend and trust me if there is a definition of an ANGEL it’s her. Her niece passed away due to cancer and she has been a true inspiration to everyone around her, daily. Here is her story…


Taylor Suzanne Gettinger was born February 5, 1990…the cutest redhead you’ve ever seen! She was my baby sister Kathleen’s oldest child of three and only daughter.
Taylor came into this world, unique, quirky, funny and always independent.
Never ever as a family do you expect to hear from a Doctor, your daughter, niece, or sister has cancer…especially when that young girl is only 15 years old.
Taylor was initially stunned, but from almost day one she took on cancer like a warrior, she named her brain tumor Gary, and told the world she’d kick Gary’s Butt…and for 4 1/2 she did just that!
Unfortunately at the age of 19 1/2 Taylor succumbed to her brain tumor and we lost her forever.
It is inconceivable to imagine life with out her, but unfortunately that’s exactly what we’ve had to do for almost three years now.
This Sunday, September 14th myself and 5 friends will walk in the Make A Wish foundation’s Super Hero Walk in downtown Chicago.
I am Tayor’s Aunt Sue, her biggest fan, and I truly miss her every day!
When Taylor was 17, Make A Wish Foundation, IL granted Taylor and her family a 10 day trip to Rome. They paid for all of their passport fees, got the entire family of 5 new luggage, paid all of their travel expenses, and then on top of all of that, gave them spending money for their trip.
This walk is my chance to say thank you and give back to this amazing organization.
My goal was to raise $1,000.00 and I’ve reached just about $675.00 as Team Taylor, $550.00 individually. I have 8 more days to reach my goal!
I have a facebook page: Taylor’s Heart Gallery in her memory. A portion of the proceeds benefit ARTS: A Reason to Survive, serving children facing catastrophic situations.


Here is another story I wrote about Sue and her amazingness!

Check out Sue’s facebook page that she created for Taylor!

So please come and make a donation, here is the “Make a Wish” page!


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