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You’re a marshmallow. Soft and sweet and when you get heated up you go all gooey and delicious.”- Janet Evanovich

These yummy goodies are all cozy in my warm belly right now. Well I did bring some to my god child next door and she walked around with one in each hand saying they were DELICIOUS over and over!

If you are wondering how I came up with these well I will be honest and tell you I was craving ice cream with that magic shell yumminess but I didn’t have either so I improvised. SORTA. I ironically had a bag of cotton candy laying around (not really it was from Valentines Day)… I hope my son doesn’t read this post, hehe.

chocolate covered marshmallowsEveryone needs a little cotton candy in their lives, right!cotton candy foodWe can’t leave out MARSHMALLOWS! They are the best part of anything, right!marshmallow pops|1| First thing you will do is grab a paper straw (mine are from Michaels) and jab it through a soft white marshmallow. easy marshmallow pops|2| Grab some chocolate from your grocery store’s baking section (the kind you pop in the microwave). Listen when you are on the go this stuff makes your life amazing!  Make sure to read the directions. easy chocolate cake pops|3| Take your marshmallow and dip it half way into the gooey melted choco-late.how to melt chocolate|4| While your chocolate is still wet sprinkle it with sprinkles. If you don’t like sprinkles then you can leave them plain!

|5| The BEST part of this pop is the topping. Take a little ball of cotton candy and roll it up with your fingers {of course clean ones} then place them on top of your wet chocolate. If you roll your cotton candy balls ahead of time it makes it really easy to grab them and pop them on the wet chocolate! MARSHMALLOW POPS|5| Time to EAT! Tip of adice: I placed mine in the freezer over night bc I personally like the texture of frozen marshmallows. If you have never tried it, you should!colorfull marshmallow pops

birthday pops

chocolate dipped marshmallows


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