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Orange is the New Black is for sure a huge part of my life. I know what you are thinking, “really Jade”. A friend of mine told me one day I needed to watch this on netflix and I was like OK! So I did and I got completely hooked. I literally could not get away from my computer for a few days until I was done with the full season. I am totally excited about Season 2 that starts June 6th! I hope you enjoy this blog hop that me and my friends put together. Make sure to check out the bottom of my post because you will find all of the links to everyones projects. More news is Netflix is giving a 3 months gift card away! Don’t forget to hashtag #OITNB on all your sites if sharing this post or the others!


If you are not familiar with the show it’s about a girl named Piper who is very educated and high class. She made a horrible choice and smuggled drugs for her girlfriend and is sentenced to a year in prison. Shocked! HAHA. Through out the season you learn more and more about each inmate and each of their stories. It’s pretty dramatic and leaves you dreaming of the next episode. I promise you if you have not seen it you must catch up on Season 1 now!



My craft is based on the duck tape slippers that inmate Sophia Burset, a transgender inmate wears in the show. Piper is new in the slammer and she takes her first shower and sophia informs her how important it is to protect your feet, honey child. 

You will need:
*Flip Flops
*Silver Duck Tape


The first thing you will do is place your flip flop on your cardboard in a secure spot.


Next thing you will do is trace it out. DSC_0633

Carefully cut out your tracing using sharp scissors. DSC_0637

When you are done you will have two cut outs. DSC_0639

Start by placing strips of silver duck tape across your cardboard cutouts. When you are done wrap the tape on the sides to cover them. DSC_0640This is what they will start to look like once you cover them.

DSC_0641I am using a shiny heart filled duck tape for the top part of the flip flop. DSC_0642 Cut two strips of shiny duck tape while making sure one is longer than the other. I guessed the length and everyones size is going to be different based on the size of your own flip flop size. DSC_0643Peel the backs off of each one and place the smaller strip directly on top of the large strip.



You will take that sticky piece on the end and place it under the cardboard bottom. DSC_0649

Flap it around and stick the other side. DSC_0650

I am totally happy with the way these babies turned out! I hope you have fun for you and the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black!DSC_0659

Other blog hoppers!

Enter to win a 3 month Netflix gift card! Thank you, Netflix!

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Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Craft Supplies: Michaels , Fiskars and Duck TapeHASHTAG LOGO

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade

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22 thoughts on “ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK BLOG HOP Season 2

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  3. cindy barriga

    These are awesome and craft day will be filled with this pattern. Season 2 cannot arrive soon enough!

  4. Nicole

    Love these slippers and your star duct tape is awesome. This would also probably make a good kids craft project.

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