Happy Saturday Jaderbugs! I am so happy to finally share with you some fun clips from the Tie Dye your summer demo I did in Lafayette, La. I can’t express  how much fun I had here. Everyone was super stoked to see how the Tulip tie-dye works and let me tell you I was happy to show them. I think my favorite thing about this post is what you can win!

I know you wanna win all of this right! Head on over to the Tulip site to enter! When you click on the link below it will tell you all the ways you can enter the tie dye your summer contest. You have more than one option and lemme tell you if you do all of them, you are a ROCKSTAR! Good Luck!


tie dye your summer

Check out the fun we had a few weekend’s ago. This demo was special because it was in my home town of Lafayette, La! I was so happy with the participation at this particular event. Everyone passed by and stopped to check out what was going on. So many people said they recall the day’s of boiling water just to dye something and couldn’t believe how easy our system was.
(doing the Wop right now)

Check out my latest post for the I love to create blog. Just trust me there are certain ways to get this so check out the whole blog post to get all of the steps. Long gone are the days of only tie – dyeing your old t-shirts. Every two weeks I post on their site which is redonkulously (pronounced RE-DONK-U-LUS-LEE) awesome.  Make sure to follow my blog to find out when I make something new!  Here are a few of my recent posts.

Tie Dyed Tissue Paper


Fabric Flower Leather Cuff

Leather Cuff Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this post! See ya tomorrow. Huge glittery hugs,

jaderbomb love

Kitchen Decorating

Boom Chaka Laka, Chaka Laka, Chaka Laka, Laka BOOM! I am on this odd spoon kick lately. I am not quite sure how to kick it so I decided to share all of the fun things I been doing with them. You remember the other day when I posted this, well before I put up all of my colored nail polish I thought hard about what else I could do with them. I went into a day long daze (crafters you know what this is) and BOOM. This thought happened. Kitchen Decorating 101. Well, not exactly what you see below but the thought of bright, whimsical, retro spoons happened in my noggin. Initially I thought they would look great in a glass jar in the kitchen. I put them in a jar but it was like looking at yourself in the mirror while trying on bathing suits. It worked but didn’t work. Or in my case I have just resorted to the “shirt” on top because I don’t want the sun to burn me. Wink Wink!

Anyways, I grabbed some gold glitter and sprinkled it over my head then the magical thought of a spoon display occurred to me. There you go, now you have my trick on how I create things. Let’s get started!

you will need

Wooden Spoon | Nail Polish | Wooden Plaque
decorative wooden spoonsRainbow Nail Polish

I am going to be honest, there was no specific pattern involved just pure excitement. I did want them to feel a little tribal | retro | whimsical | happy | colorful and that is exactly what I got. I was not planning on doing a black and white one until I put them together. I needed that to break the colors up, I think that was a smart choice.

how to paint on spoons

What colors will you be using? It would even look great as a whole set in one specific color/design. Now remember I did not coat them with anything because the nail polish gave me a great shiny finish.

painted spoons

I painted a piece of wood white and let that dry over night with the spoons. Once everything is dry you can then glue the spoons to the wood with the glue of your choice.
I made these for decoration purposes.

in other news

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| Check out my latest post on the I love to create blog, it’s “leatherific”.

Big Glittery HUGS from me to YOU!

Happy Monday Y’all! I am sitting at home with my coffee, listening to Enya and warming up my feet with a little floor heater at my desk. I am so pumped to share with you the tutorial I did on the I Love to Create Blog. I post every two weeks there incase you didn’t know. This leather cuff tutorial brings together two different looks that anyone can sport. A soft delicate flower with a rough biker edge to it. I am not quite sure if the two actually go together but I loved it. Once I made it I realized how cool it would be if I had a “collection” of leather cuffs. I mean one for each holiday, season etc. I think it’s a huge statement piece and you can never go wrong with a leather cuff. You could give these as Christmas presents, wedding favors, or just get a group of your friends together and make them!

This leather cuff tutorial is easy enough to whip out 5 in no time. Seriously when you see how easy it is you will be amazed. I hope you enjoy it.



Leather Cuff Tutorial large2

jaderbomb love

Good Morning Jaderbugs! I hope you are ready for some fun summer crafts because it’s Linky Love Thursday  and you know what that means! Time to show you what my crafty friends Cathie, Mark, Margot, Heather and Kathy made in their glittery studio’s. Well I would like to imagine all craft rooms are FILLED with glitter, right!

Don’t forget to show some love and visit their sites and facebook pages! ((( I will share the link to each craft in the comment section below))) ENJOY JADERBUGS! Hope you enjoy these fun summer crafts!

Fun Crafts


 Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza made these fashionable cup cake toppers that I will surely be making. Check out what she made them out of!

Mark Montano made a statement piece for a “Few Cents“…. I think these could be made for every holiday! 

Dollar Store Momm took it on a whole new level with her genius outdoor art.

 CraftyChica.com Shows us how to turn a boring rug into a GLITTER FULL explosion!

Margot Potter The Impatient Craftertakes us all to a happy place with her Embellished Retro Sunglasses.

Wanna make a Leather Cuff? Check out my latest post!


linky love jaderbomb

Yes Jaderbugs! It’s already “LINKY LOVE THURSDAY” <3 I have some amazing crafts to share from some very amazing designers so make sure and give them some LOVE!

Mark Montano made a super cute JUMBO button and I can’t wait to make a ton of them for my fence! Check out his video HERE.

Margot Potter will totally get you ready for the summer with this cute card! I would love to drink this. Check out tutorial HERE.

 Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza made the best hat EVER with mod podge and fabric! CUHH-YUTTE Check out the tutorial HERE.

Claudine hellmuth: artist + illustrator has a FUN whimsical flower printable… Guess what? It’s FREE! I am always happy to get free things from her! Get it HERE.


I hope you have fun playing around on all of these sites! Give my friends some LOVE !!!!

XOXO, Jaderbomb


I can’t wait to show you today how I made a dog bed out of an old television. It’s the best dog bed in my eyes and I know you re going to love it. Some beds for dogs are not the coziest and I figured out a way to make a cozy one that’s great for cat’s too. It’s pretty simple to make which makes it nice. I am loving how unique it looks. Most dog beds can look a little generic but not this one. It’s a Jaderbomb dog bed!


How cute is Ceaux Ceaux here! She loves her new bed so much. I think certain dogs like to be in small spaces because it makes them feel safe and secure. Ceaux Ceaux is part beagle and terrier and they love being in a small spaces. I drove up one day at home and my neighbor had this T.V. at the road. I don’t know why I wanted it but I knew it would be something cute. Once I got it home I started to gut it out it. Then I realized it could be a dog bed. Right! It’s really simple to make so let’s get started!


1. The first thing you will do is find an old T.V.

2. See how your animal looks in it,hehe

3. Gut out the entire thing!

4. Start painting it the color of choice. I like things to look “clean and crisp” so white is what I chose.
It’s really that simple. You can also paint or decorate the inside to add your personal touch.


Just thought I would share with you my roses. I have this crazy habit that forces me to buy fresh flowers every week. Trust me they usually take me from 1 to 100 in about five minutes. The good thing about flowers is you can choose different ones each week depending on your mood, how you feel or colors you are attracted to. I always have different ones but my FAVORITE flower is the stargazer lily.




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