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Paper Bag Flags-TUTORIAL

 Quote of the day: “Do a common thing in an uncommon way.” -Booker T. Washington

Today we will be making paper bag flags out of….. paper bags! I love finding things that can be re-purposed into something completely opposite of what it really is! The good thing about this tutorial is it’s easy and you can get as creative as you want by decorating them.

Let’s get started!



*Brown Paper Bag
*Bakers Twine
*Rubber Stamps
*Black Paint
*Mini Clothespins

The first thing you will need to do is cut triangles out of the brown paper bag. (woop woop, this bag was fuh-ree)

Tadahh! This is what mini triangles look like next to each other. I always get brown paper bags instead of plastic so you can imagine how many brown paper bags I own…

I like to use a paint brush on my rubber stamp because it has a different texture to it. Plus, it’s a little darker. Make sure you ONLY paint on the letter. You could also Mod Podge a smaller triangle in the middle using scrapbook paper. I buy my scrapbook paper here.

I think I am the only person that get’s {super duper} excited when I see bakers twine. Do you? What is your favorite color?

You can stamp whatever you want on your mini triangles. You can also cut them small or LARGE. It just depends on the space you are putting them in. When you are done with everything I like to lay everything out like this.

Last thing is to grab your mini clothespins {that you bought from my shop} and pin the twine to the mini triangle.

There you have it, Paper Bag Flags!

See how cute they look once you put them up. You can be completely creative with this and cut out fabric or scrapbook paper to do the same thing. This is a a great “COUNTDOWN” for kids. You could do this for the whole month of December and they could take down each number a day! How cute!

Huge Glittery Hugs, Jade

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