I am so excited to share this post with you today. Do you remember last month when I told you I was doing the 12 months of Martha? Well, we are in the second month and I was super excited about the supplies I received this month. Make sure and add your email in box to the right so you can get everything sent to your email. We wouldn’t want you to miss anything. Plus, I have a giveaway coming up! Today I will show you how to create decor for your home that is affordable and easy. Let’s get started.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

you will need

*Martha Stewart Decorative Paper
*Martha Stewart Circle Punch
*Hot Glue Gun
*Twine or Nails

You can purchase all of the items I used by clicking on the links.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor


The twine is optional for hanging purposes.

You can find all of her craft supplies at Michaels Art and Crafts, Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts and Amazon.


martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

This is what your circle punch will look like. You can see where the metal plate fits in the sliding part of the punch and the round piece goes on top of the punch.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

This tool is awesome because you can choose the size of the punch before you start. Make sure these numbers line up with the ones in the picture below.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

So if you have the side on 10 this part needs to be on 10 also.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

Start by placing your paper on top of the circle punch then you put the circle magnet on top of the paper. You will know if it’s in the right spot because the magnet will put it in the right spot.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

Take your punch and place it on the top of the removable metal piece that you added in the beginning.  If it’s not in the right spot you will know because the magnet will resist. You barely have to press down on the punch because it cuts as soon as it hits the paper.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

The round magnet that you have on top of the paper will do the rest of the work for you. Once you do your first punch gently turn the round magnet to the left or right. It will move the paper a little bit but will stop when it’s in the next spot it needs to be in. You will feel it stop in the next notch it belongs in. I’m telling you it’s pretty magical!

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

Look how pretty it is! I swear each cut is PERFECT.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

Grab your hot glue gun and glue them to each other. You will only need a dab of glue on the edge of one then place another one on top of the glue. Remember we want it to look like a collage.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

This is what it should start to look like.

martha-stewart-circle-punch-jaderbomb-wall decor

I am so pleased with the way this turned out. It’s soft and delicate with an edge. HAHA

 Check out what I made with the Martha Stewart yarn line HERE.


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