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I think the world needs to see, hear or do this. I will sorta call this a little project/game. It surely makes you stop and smell the roses (or camera buttons).

A blogger friend started this and I think it’s magnificent. It’s called Photo a Day. You guessed it, it’s exactly what it means. Each day you are to take a picture of whatever the description is for that day and post it on instagram. If you are not familiar with Instagram you can find it in your App section on your phone.

You ask: Why do I do this every day? How do I have or find the time to do this? How do I remember? The best thing I can tell you is this. Yes, somedays you might forget but after the first week you will start to remember. I find the time just like I do everything else in my life. My life is busy and hectic, but all for the right reasons. I do this because it forces me to STOP. Take a look around ME. Take a PICTURE. Then file it in my MEMORY. You might start noticing things that you would have passed by any other day.

You start seeing the beauty in things that are simple, like the texture on something or the colors in a certain picture.

So, FATMUMSLIM does a new one every month. I will post my month of June below and I will also put the new list for July up. Save it to your phone so you won’t forget where to find it. Do it! I promise it will bring happiness to your life. Share your pictures daily with your Twitter or Facebook friends. I can guarantee they will appreciate them!

Share with the world, at least in my case that is what I am doing. It feels good to release and not care who sees them! I need to start getting used to that! hahaha

Here is the new JULY list: Make sure when you share your pictures you use the hashtag #photoadayjuly

 Enjoy my June #photoadayjune

Don’t forget to come back in the morning! I will have a FUN new post up! I will give you a hint. BLACK AND WHITE!
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