My love for Pink Flamingo Fashion is real -real as the sky is blue. This season these pretty pink birds have been popping up everywhere from skirts to bed sheets. I’m not sure if they are considered classy now since they are making their way into runways all over the world.  However I still have mad love for the good ole pink flamingo sporadically popping up in random yards next to water fountains that don’t actually work.
♥I can honestly say my love for this pink bird goes way back to 4th grade. We were in Destin Fl and my parents told me to pick out the design I wanted on my air brushed tank top. Yes I said it.. Air Brushed Shit!!! I can vividly remember standing there trying very hard to find the “right” design that would fit my personality. Then there was that moment of relief. Me and this bird on a shirt made eye contact and it was over after that.
♥Can you believe I still have that tank top hanging in my closet AND I still wear it. I am not sure I should be bragging about that! Stay tuned for follow up of me with shirt! ((HAHA))
♥I was so sad when I heard that Donald Featherstone passed away this June at the ripe age of 79. If you don’t know who this iconic person is he is ONLY the inventor of the iconic plastic pink lawn flamingo.
So Donald, this post is for YOU…
Pink Flamingo Fashion

Photo Courtesy of: People

Elegant Pink Flamingo Skirt

Photo Courtesy of : Nordstrom

I don’t know who wouldn’t want to wear this fashionable skirt by Alice + Olivia! They obviously know “what’s up“…

flamingo shoes vans

Photo Courtesy of: Urban Outfitters

If you think your have ugly feel then I have the perfect thing for them! Flamingo Shoes by Vans. I applaud you Vans, I applaud you.


Photo Courtesy of:

I know you are thinking you can’t pull this off but rest assured… You can! I can think of so many different tops to put with this fabulous and fancy skirt!

Pink Feather Skirt

Photo Courtesy of: Pop Sugar

Now ladies…If this skirt doesn’t scream FLAMINGO then I don’t know what will! See you don’t actually have to wear a printed flamingo in order to get the point across! This skirt is fabulous!

Pink Flamingo Slippers

Photo Courtesy of : Asos

I know it would not be appropriate however I would probably try to wear these out in public. I can’t imagine someone wanting to lock these up in their closet! FYI: These are OUT OF STOCK but I am checking daily for that next shipment to be up!

Pink Flamingo Watch

Photo Courtesy of : Kate Spade

I would love to keep track of time with this one of a kind watch. It remind me of my Micky Mouse watch I had when I was in middle school that sang “It’s a small world after all” over and over!

Pink Flamingo Tank

Photo Courtesy of: The Fancy Pants Report

Nothing screams FASHION like this tank top! Listen here is a fact… Everyone can pull off wearing flamingos. It’s that simple. So don’t run in the other direction when you see a cute shirt in the store!

I hope you enjoyed my pink flamingo roundup! Go share with the world now!!!

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  1. blogqueendiane

    Loved your flamingo post! I, too, have a real thing for flamingos. My girlfriend’s given me several flamingo Christmas tree ornaments over the years, and I’ve had several flamingo jewelry pieces, too. Just can’t get enough: they’re so cute!

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