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Powder Dyed Shirt

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Today it’s all about my trip to Old Navy and this fabulous Powder Dyed Shirt. Let’s be real, when you add Tie-Dye to anything you get a bundle of happiness. Here is PROOF!Powder Dyed ShirtWhen I was asked by I love to Create to make a fabulous DIY with some of Old Navy’s new line of spring clothes I was JUMPING FOR JOY, literally. I had no clue what I was planning on creating until I walked in the store. I think for a minute I was upset I only had to create ONE thing once my eyes saw the new spring line. I know you will love this powder dyed technique I used so let’s check it out. kBe sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong
-Adriana Lima

As you can see there were so many choices. I knew I wanted crisp and bold so I ended up going with this “Textured-Dobby Shirt”. Since I am using Tulip Tie-Dye I made sure the shirt was 100% cotton. I almost bought these white pants and pink button down but I changed my mind in the end.
Wahoo! Time to check out and CREATE! Yep, you see that black and white striped ball? I can’t wait to show you what I created with this. 11.jpg
You will need:
* Tulip Tie-Dye
Women’s Textured-Dobby Shirts
I am using the Mini Tie-Dye Kit. DSC_0139As you can see the bottles have powder inside of them already. We will not fill the bottles with water for this project. DSC_0141STEP ONE: Fill a bowl with water and wet your shirt. learn to tie dye
STEP TWO: Twist water out of shirt and lay it down on a clean surface, flat and unbuttoned. Lay your shirt on a garbage bag if you can’t find a clean spot.

STEP THREE: Remove cap from bottle and lightly shake bottle over wet shirt. The powder will slowly start coming out of the bottle. kids crafts
I used all of the colors in the pack. If you are not a fan of bright colors you can use one or two colors. This technique looks great with a single color or multiple colors. how to mix dyeI love how all of the colors start bleeding together. If you know me then you know bright it right! mixing colorsYou want to let the powder sit on the wet shirt for a couple of hours. The longer it sits the brighter the colors will be. confetti tie dye
I simply love the dye that was left behind. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. DSC_0202After a few hours I rinsed my shirt under cool running water then washed it separately. WOWZERS! I am so happy with the way it turned out. DSC_0193old navy tie dyed shirtDSC_0195
This shirt looks great paired with anything. POWDER DYED SHIRTcraftgawker

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Have you ever dyed anything using the powder????

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10 thoughts on “Powder Dyed Shirt

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  7. Gretchen

    I’ve never done it quite like that but I use the powder to snow dye every winter. It’s a similar process except you cover the fabric with snow, add the powdered dye on top and wait for the snow to melt. The snow will melt the dye into the fabric and create really pretty water color like effects.

  8. Lynn Babcock

    I love it. I have used the powdered dye before but with ice cubes. You scrunch up the item and then place a layer of ice cubes on top. Then sprinkle the dyes on top of the ice cubes. Let sit overnight (24 hours) undisturbed – this is the hard part – and then rinse out. Very cool looking – my favorite method. I can’t wait to try this though and I think I have lots of dye left from my ice dying. Love the blouse you chose although I don’t imagine they still have it – but I may have to stop at Old Navy and see. Thank you.

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      I Love using the powdered dye with ice cubes, makes for a fun craft project too on paper! Did you ever try this method? Let me know!! Jade

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