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Rainbow Bottle Brush Trees

Rainbow Bottle Brush Trees are the trendiest thing on the planet right now. I mean I don’t know about you but I would much rather share this with you than talk about ebola or the elections. YAY or NAY.


A while back I was stalking checking out crafty bloggers and I ran across some light pink bottle brush trees used as a “prop” and I thought to myself I can do that! But we all know I can’t stick to just one color and for sure they have to be bright and bold.

I am still trying to figure out my “style” in crafts, decorating and the way I dress. All I will say is BRIGHT, whimsical and CHUNKY make me super duper happy so I bring those same qualities out in my crafting. Hopefully many of you appreciate it and for those that it doesn’t, gosh I am sad for you … Let’s get started!

Rainbow Bottle Brush Trees

You will need: White Bottle Brush Trees | Tulip Tie-Dye

Don’t forget, you can order all of these supplies by clicking on the links above! These are affiliate links so by doing this you are helping me buy more glitter and fairy dust! *Mucho LOVEdyed bottle brush treeI am a HUGE fan of Tulip tie-dye (and I work for them) so go figure I am using it to give these trees a lil color. Check out all of my crafts that I used Tulip Tie-Dye in!bottle brush treesI got my white trees from Michaels. They are from the Tim Holtz collection. SWOON. how to dye waterStep 1: Put some water in a container then add your tulip dye. I had some left over in the bottle but you can also pour the powder directly in the water. how to dye bottle brush treesStep 2: Place the tree in the colored water by holding onto the base of the tree. Place on a flat surface so they can dry completely. dyed bottle brush treesStep 3: FALL IN LOVE.

When you are done with the first color pour the water out (or pour back into the plastic bottle it came in) and start again with your next color.

After the first 4 solid colors I started mixing some shades to get different colors.

Here is a tip. If you like light colors just add a little dye. Don’t worry if you do this and feel they need to be a little darker just add more dye and re-dip your brush. All’s I will say is this shit is addicting.

1 2 3 You can also do some ombre trees. 4 I had to do a tree for my buddy Jen at Something Turquoise. Here’s to you friend. 5I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Come back in a few days to see how to bleach out green bottle brush trees! I kinda am obsessed y’all.

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, Jade


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