This month I will be hosting the TWITTER party!

Twitter is the place to be! It’s a real big deal in everyones life.  Everyone loves sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, and ton’s of other sites because it’s an easy way to keep track of the pages we like, friends & family, and everything else. Twitter is a little different than Facebook but I promise once you get started you won’t stop!I would say it’s gonna be the NEW Facebook… But that’s just my opinion. For ONE, it’s GOOGLE. Only the largest search engine in the WORLD!

 Did you know you can make Twitter lists to create groups of people?  You can make a list for family members, your volunteer group, your bookclub ect.

This is how you create a Twitter list:
Go to your Twitter Lists page. This can be done via the gear icon drop down menu in the top right navigation bar or by going to your profile page and clicking on Lists.
Click Create list.
Enter the name of your list, a short description of the list, and select if you want the list to be private (only accessible to you) or public (anyone can subscribe to the list).
Click Save list.

To add or remove people from your lists:
Click the gear icon drop down menu on a user’s profile. 
Select Add or remove from lists. (You don’t need to be following a user to add them to your list.)
A pop-up will appear displaying your created lists. Check the lists you would like to add the user to, or uncheck the lists you’d like to remove the user from.
To check to see if the user you wanted to add was successfully included in that list, navigate to the Lists tab on your profile page. Click the desired list, then clickMembers. The person will appear in the list of members.

Who’s ready to attend the best ONLINE party in the entire world! Well WELCOME because you are in the right spot!
I am so excited to be a part of this fun linky party.

Wanna know why? I shall tell ya!
Well for once we will not be linking up our creations but we will link up our social media outlets.

Why is this good?

Because it’s a great way to let others know who you are , plus YOU get to meet a ton of new people.

Let me tell you a little more about Saturday Social

It’s the LAST Saturday of EVERY month. There are four members who will each host a different Social party.

The hostesses of the Saturday social will rotate social sites each month so that means you will get to meat TONS and TONS of great, amazing, creative, nice, unique and NEW people.
Are you getting all of this, because it’s gonna be TONS of fun.

The parties will start at 8am EST and close at 11:59 PST

Don’t forget to link up at the bottom of this post! After all it’s the most important thing to do today.

Wanna meet the team that put’s everything together?

I have the honor of working with a great group of ladies on the Saturday Social party.

let’s get social

Once you have entered my party, head over to the other parties and get SOCIAL.

Cheri from It’s So Very Cheri is hosting the Pinterest Followers party

Maryann from Domestically Speaking is hosting the Facebook Followers party,

 Domestically Speaking is hosting the Facebook Followers party

Once you have entered my party, head over to the other parties and get SOCIAL.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see ya in the next post! Make sure you come visit me in these places too! (look below this line, hehe)

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