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I have a SNEAK PEAK OF A NEW PAINTING and BIG NEWS to share with you today! I am quite ashamed that I have not posted more of my paintings on here lately and maybe it’s because I haven’t been in the mood to share with the world, until today. I have been working on a series for about a year now and boy it’s the slowest dam series I have ever encountered in my LIFE. That is not a joke. I just started this one about a week ago and it’s not quite done but I wanted to share some details of it that I am in love with. I have to say I always get super connected to my work to the point of not wanting to sell it BUT if someone feels they NEED something I created then I am cool with that. Keep in mind these are FAR from finished.

This series is bases off of myself (sorta like a reflection of me) over the last year and a half. The only thing is, I have not shared with you the other paintings that go with this one. I think I am finally ready and I won’t lie they are just devine, to me. Don’t worry I will try to explain each picture and why I used certain materials and objects to help you understand my story. Incase you are wondering I only use OIL paint. I love how I can go in and out of it days later. What is your favorite medium to paint with? 

Don’t forget to check out my 20 favorite FREE PRINTABLE CALENDARS OF 2016!!!3 d artIn this series you will find push pins in the paintings. I prefer to use RED which symbolizes blood to me. Not in a bad way but geared towards the blood running through my veins. Deep huh, haha!  This piece has different elements in it that I think you will really love! 3-d Mixed Media PaintingsI used rolled moss around one of the girls’ neck to symbolize growth. Don’t we all grow? Earth, grass, dirt… Anyways I thought it looked cool as well!  how to do mixed media artAbout while back I created these girls and painted them to reflect how I felt at the time. I have quite a few of them but these two were my most powerful ones and the I related to them 100%. You really can’t read the words I wrote and I like it that way. After all I have to leave something to your imagination… YES, the words mean something to me and that is all that matters. art journalHere is one of my beautiful girls. Now I mentioned earlier that they are reflections of ME so don’t get confused when you see the blonde hair. Clearly I am not a blonde but this girl needed to be. I had fun creating the head separately then adding it to the flat body on the canvas. I believe it adds another dimension to the entire piece. how to paint with oilBoth of my girls have red/burgundy dresses on and again this symbolizes LOVE, BLOOD, PASSION to me. mixed media art I plan on adding much more texture to the dresses. I am thinking of adding lace to one of them….Stay tuned you never know what I might end up using. painting with gessoI do love my background especially with all the texture I added. I can’t wait to show you the finished product! YES, this baby will be for sale and I will have prints of it for sale as well… Also I have exciting news! I am in the process of building a new SITE for you and I know you will love it. It should go LIVE in a week or two – so stay tuned! Sign up to get my emails so you don’t miss it! Trust me this site will be good for your “soul”… Love you all!

Until next time Jaderbugs!

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