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Staying Optimistic

OPTIMISM: 1. Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.COVER


With high hopes of bringing happiness and optimism to everyone in the world, Folgers is launching “The Best Part”, a social platform that will allow people to connect and share positive stories through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Little gestures are exactly that, little. However, you would be surprised at how easy it is to change someone’s life or day by doing little things. It’s all about Staying Optimistic.


TBP_PageLikeAd_5This is my third post for this awesome campaign and I surely hope I am spreading happiness and joy to your lives when you read each post. I am enjoying sharing these hopeful stories with you and I think this one might be my best one yet. 


I live in Louisiana and we encounter a lot of hurricanes since we are so close to the Gulf of Mexico. In 2005, we got hit really hard with Hurricane Rita and a month later New Orleans was hit very bad by Hurricane Katrina. Everyone seemed to be out of their homes, jobs and separated from their loved ones. Lots of people from New Orleans moved around for temporary housing. 


The Cajundome in Lafayette (where I live) was a huge shelter and let me tell you it was pretty chaotic here. This story is 100% about being OPTIMISTIC! One day me and my friend Michelle decided we were gonna go to the Cajundome and visit some of the families there. You know, just giving them some love and good energy considering the circumstances. While we were there we met a family who thankfully remained together but did lose everything to their name. The family had 4 kids and it was gut wrenching to see this. We hung out with them for a few hours and before we left we both decided we wanted to do “OUR” part in this situation. Even if it was for one family or one person.


We decided that we would go in half and buy them clothes, pajamas and snacks. Before we left we got all of their sizes, favorite colors and favorite toy/character. We went straight to the store to pick out things for them. While there we said to each other, “What more can we do?…” 

We wanted to get them out of that shelter for a few hours and let them be kids again, however this was a difficult decision. I stayed OPTIMISTIC and trusted this vision. We went back to the Cajundome to bring them their clothes and asked the parents if they would mind us taking the kids for the day on Sunday to let them play outside and cook for them.TBP_PageLikeAd_6 Can you believe they said YES? 


The next morning we both drove there and picked them up. They were so excited to see us that morning. Sunday was a great day. We cooked and gave them a day of normalcy and freedom. Before they left I let them take showers and got into their new pajamas. They all were so sad to leave and it was very hard on my soul knowing what they were going back to while I went to bed in my cozy home. 


But, the moral of this story is never judge a person because you don’t know their entire background. Don’t get me wrong, doing something like this requires a lot of positive intuition and trust but not everyone is harmful. What I gave to those kids that day was OPTIMISM. I pray that they will always remember that Sunday. 


Optimism. What brings joy to your life? Please share with the world!


The Best Part is an online community that’s dedicated to brightening your day—every day. How? It’s by spreading optimism, one share at a time. 1380087_535971659811461_714388843_nThe Best Part posts inspirational stories, encouraging quotes, good news and other upbeat items on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—and encourages fans and followers to share that optimism with their friends. Because when optimism is shared, it grows, making an even more positive impact on our world. Check out what others are sharing on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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