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Heller and HAPPY “hump” day

YEP! It’s that time. Time to start showing you the tutorials of some things in my FALL kitchen decor. If you didn’t see my FALL decor I did in my kitchen click HERE to check it out!

I always have fun making displays in our house, it’s like making a p-nut butter n nutella sandwich. It just mandatory. Let’s get it popping Jaderbugs


*candle holder (I am using one I already had)
*masking tape
*Martha Stewart satin craft paint
*Martha Stewart stencils
*Martha Stewart craft brush
*Martha Stewart adhesive spray


You can use whatever stencils you prefer for this project. I wanted to use some sorta blossom to represent fall. These stencils are the best because they have an adhesive back to them which makes it so much easier to apply to different surfaces.

First thing you will do is tape off the spots where you do NOT want paint. I am doing horizontal stripes on my candle holder.

After you tape it off paint the sections that are showing. I’m using “BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COWWWW” red. That’s not really the color but it should be! (say that saying about 4 times in a row)

This is what it will look like when you are done painting. Let it dry. When it is completely dry gently peel off the masking tape.

Grab the stencil you like, spray the back with adhesive spray and STICK it down! Even thought the back has a little adhesive to it already I like to add more so it “really stays!

Get a brush and lightly pounce the stencil with paint. You could use a foam pouncer for this but I like the texture from a brush.

When you are done filling in your stencil BOOM BAM WOW! Your done! Of course “LET IT DRY” before you start decorating with it.

I hope you had a B to the LAST with this project. I can’t wait to see you in the next post!

What colors would you use for this project?


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