With all of the excitement and  preparation for Blog Her 12 I forgot to post this baby! I am telling you my mind is going bonkers lately! We have this canister in our bathroom that I keep bath salts in. I am ALWAYS changing the scent of the salts so I wanted to put something on the canister that displayed what was in it. I didn’t want anything PERMANENT so after a little bit of thinking I though this would be cool.

Do you realize how much you can do with these labels! They are perfect for canisters in your kitchen, notebooks or gifts! How cute would it be if you would make these labels and put them on your christmas gifts you give out. You can write the name of person it is for! If you do something like that but your scared it would get wiped off, spray it with hairspray after. It will seal the chalk!

Let’s get started!


I got my address labels from Office Depot .  They are fun and bright! Check out what else I made using these labels here!

First thing you want to do is start painting your labels. I just painted the entire sheet. It is worth it in the end! After they dry, just peel the off and stick them where you want them! Yep, Jaderbugs… It’s that easy!!!

This is what my face looks like before it sees NEW YORK! I know, it doesn’t look that excited but it IS!

Guess who I will be seeing while I am there…..I will give you a few names so you can feel as excited as I am!!!!

1. Martha Stewart
2.  Katie Couric
3. Margaret Cho

I know, I am just as excited as YOU! I will be doing LIVE tweeting using hash tag #blogher12
Can’t wait to see my Graphic Fairy!

See ya in the city that doesn’t sleep [living my dreams everyday],

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2 thoughts on “Sticky Chalk Labels, New York and BlogHer12

  1. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Now that is one look of excitement – can’t wait to see your reaction when you see Martha!!

    I’ll be at BlogHer too. Let’s tweet & meet up! I’m @KellyisEclectic.

    And great idea to paint the whole label page then peel later (a girl after my own simple craft heart)!

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