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Wah-flipping who, you get two. That is right! Two 12 months of Martha posts’ in one month. If you are wondering why you are honored with two I shall tell you. I accidentally deleted my March post (and didn’t realize it till the other day) so I had to repost it so… Today I will share with you some pretty amazing home office ideas than you can create in nearly NO TIME.

*Make sure to pin the image below so the WORLD can see how awesome it is*HOMEOFFICE DECOR DIY JADERBOMB

It’s time to kick off the SUMMER and what better way to do that than with some awesome home office decor. I know what you are thinking, ” I can totally go buy some from the store, yo”… But what I was thinking was you could make your own then totally tell all your friends, “OMG Darcy, look what I made for my desk”.

Who’s Darcy? You could also put these on your desk.


diy craft supplies
I am totally in love with the color I used in this post! It’s called Pea Shoot and I think that is a perfect name. MINT COLORED CRAFTS
For some reason I fell in LOVE with the paint on this brush! It looks delicious and yes, I tasted it. I had to! *DO NOT CONSUME with or without alcohol, HAHA~martha stewart craft paintStep ONE: Paint your cardboard box with paint of choice. painted boxStep TWO: Once it is dry (a few hours) place your paper pom pom stickers on the top. How easy and darling!DIY TRINKET BOX
Step THREE: Get your stenciling tape and place a small piece in the middle of your journal and pencils. Don’t worry about your pencils being perfect.

Step FOUR: Paint the bottom portion of your pencils and journal. Let dry and apply a second coat. diy stationery
Step FIVE: ENJOY!martha stewart stationeryDon’t forget to connect on social media! I promise I share things on instagram that need a rating system… HEHE If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #JADERBOMB so I can keep track of all the LOVE! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! XOXO, Jade

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Photography: Jaderbomb // DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Ceramic Glass : Jamaica // Font used: Mossy // Fabric Journal and Cardboard Box: Michael’s // Pencils: Dollar Tree // Affiliate Links: Amazon I do get a percentage from the links you can order from so thanks! 

It’s THURS-DIY and it’s time to get INSPIRED by my crafty friends. This week we have 8 Spring Diy’s that are a mix of spring, chic, and just pure fun. Click the links below the picture to see how each craft was made! Trust me they are all so much fun!8 spring diy's

Make a few of these Peeps Martini’s and I promise you might just see the Easter BUNNY! {SOURCE: Margot Potter }

Dress up ANY piece of clothing with fabric markers and watercolor flowers with fabric markers {SOURCE: Cathy Attix}

I am in love with this Mod Melt mirror. Perfect for any desk, dresser or dorm room. {SOURCE: Cathie Filian}

These rainbow loom flip-flops will make your heart and feet thump like crazy! {SOURCE: Debi Beard}

This chilli-pepper & resin heart necklace is the coolest thing ever! I am already thinking of ton’s of spices I could add to it! {SOURCE: Cathie Filian}

Golden geometric-y painted pillows are surely the key to happiness. Right! {SOURCE: Mark Montano}

Dollar-store wall art can be added to any room for a punch of spice! {SOURCE: Morena Hockley}

Dress up your bracelets with nail polish. Super easy and super affordable. {SOURCE: Jader Bomb}

I hope you enjoyed all of these great tutorials! Make sure to hop over to each one and check them out. See ya in the next post!



Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles – Sonja Henie

Hey everyone! I am just getting back from the most amazing trip ever and I wanted to share this tutorial with you on making Color Blocked Gold Bracelets . I will be sharing more about the my trip later this week so make sure to come back and check it out!

If you are like me then you can sometimes be cheap! Very cheap!

I personally call it being “smart”, right. I found a set of gold bracelets a while back at Old Navy and bought them. Check out what I was REALLY doing there when I found them.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do with them but I knew I would figure it out and it would be RAD. If you like gold check out this cute gold flag banner I made for a cake.

I finally decided I wanted to add a splash of color to them. Finger nail polish is the best thing to apply to metal because it stays on for a LONG time. Let’s get started.Color Blocked Gold Bracelets How beautiful are these bracelets. I knew they would be a hit on my vacation and now I am madly in love with them. I think I need about 10 more on my wrist.

You will need:
1. Nail Polish
2. Gold Bracelets or Gold ChainHOW TO PAINT METAL JADERBOMBI am using Covergirl outlast stay brilliant nail polish. I am in love with all of their colors and they fit perfectly with my smile!

If you want to purchase all of the colors from one spot make sure to click my affiliate links below! The colors I am using in this post are:
1. Mint Mojito 285
2. Snow Storm 110
3. Go-Go Mango 245
4. Salt Water Taffy (not sure of number)FINGERNAIL POLISHED JEWELERY


15 gold diy'sStep 1:  Lay out your gold bracelet on a clean surface and coat one side with nail polish.painting gold braceltsMove on to the next one and remember to coat one side at a time. It doesn’t take too long for the polish to dry. In 10 minutes you can flip it over and do the other side. I like to do about 2 good coats  of each color. My goal is to give it a matte finish. how to paintYou can see below how it will look if you only do one side of the bracelet. Depending on the links I would decide if I wanted to do both sides on some of them. diy braceletsOne tip I have when storing bracelets is to sling them over the top of a really cool jar. You can find these at garage sales or vintage stores. Plus it looks really pretty. EASY KIDS CRAFTS
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you tell all of your friends about it…. NOW GO COLOR BLOCK!EASY COLOR BLOCKED JEWELERY
HEY! Easter is coming up and if you like to dye eggs then you have to see what I did with some HERE.  If you like to give gifts for Easter then check out THIS! Everyone will love these babies. 

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Today we are celebrating another fabulous week of Awesome DIY Projects. If you are not  familiar with BLOGGY LOVE THURSDAY then welcome. Each week me and my close crafty friends get together and show off our most recent creation. This is a good group so you will never be disappointed. Enjoy!Awesome DIY ProjectsMy friend Mark Montano made this precious is this luscious lip sweater. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I think it would be cute to make different colored lips! Think about RAINBOW lips, okayyyy! Check out his video to see how he made perfect lips.1947621_10201422237818562_2091510764_n
My girl Cathy Attix created these snazzy slip ons. I think if you can have a creative mind and a white pair of shoes magical things can happen. It’s just a blank canvas waiting for you! Make sure to see how she made them because she will show you some tricks to getting a perfect design.Teapot-Dessert-Stand1-580x580Heather Mann surely made my eyes sparkle today with this cutie pattoooty teapot cake stand. How rad this is really! It’s like a little bit of Alice N Wonderland and Alice N Wonderland, hehe! Check out how easy it is to make and in no time you will make 10 of them. chalkboard-tee-thumb-1024x697(pp_w860_h585)Debi Beard always puts me in a good mood and so will this DIY erasable T-Shirt.  I mean, I love anything with chalk so this is like a ball of chalk happiness. You can write anything on here y’all! No get too crazy with it (you know what I mean). Did I mention it’s so easy to make! May-Flowers-Earrings-Two-Text-copyMargot Potter  is fabulous incase you didn’t know already. She creates the BEST jewerly in the land of jewelry makers. She made these rad metal stamped earrings that you will drool over. If you have never stamped metal I will warn you now, ADDICTING. Check out how she made them so you can make them for all your friends and family!1974554_10152260301832429_230620380_nCathie and Steve are always making us smile with unique crafts. Not to mention their infectious smiles! You will FLIP when you see this easy statement necklace they created.  The main ingredient is something you will never guess by looking at the picture. Good one y’all! flower1.jpgKathy Cano-Murillo  aka Crafty Chica blew my MIND away with this tutorial. Plaster dipped flowers. I know you are shaking your head saying WTF, how didn’t I think of that. Well, that is why we have her right! Now run and check out her easy steps on creating this. COTTON CANDY MARSHMALLOW POPSIncase you missed my yummy cotton candy marshmallow pops you must check them out! Check out my facebook page to get updates on upcoming crafts I am working on.

I hope you enjoyed today’s ROUNDUP! Give all my friends some lovely love YO. They give love back too! See you in the next post…

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Today it’s all about 8 DIY Projects that will totally get you in the mood to create! Did I mention these are my great friends so make sure to click on the links and give them ton’s of love. ENJOY! 8 DIY Projects

1724171_10152247457297774_1425111551_nGo freak out over these sweet friendship braceletsCathy Attix created these strait from her HEART!

Ready to be blown away? Check out how to dress up a “cake” in this fun and whimsical tutorial from Debi’s Design Diary 

Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza bring LIGHT to any space with this glittery gold candle!

Infinity and BEYOND always brings a smile to my face and this will bring a smile to your neck! Dollar Store Crafts will make many hearts happy with this tutorial.

This precious onesie will make any baby look lovable, do they make adult onesies? Kathy Cano-Murillo created these babies!

Margot Potter knows the way to a best friend’s heart with these DIY earrings! Super CHIC!

Want to make over that piece of furniture that is just starring at you with that “look”… Check out Mark Montano ‘s easy tutorial here!
And we can’t forget about my latest post! Glittery mugs make EVERYTHING taste better.

I hope you enjoyed all of these Dapper Diy’s! See you in the next post.

Can you see yourself doing any of these, if so which ones?


Happy day after hump day! You know what thursday means! BLOG LOVE! My BFF’S Mark, Cathie, Heather, Kathy and Margot are working it this week! I am in love all of these DIY crafts and I am pretty sure you will too. You have to click on the links to see exactly how they made them because they have tips and tricks that will make your crafting easier. Pinky Promise, Y’all!

Mark Montano knows everyone is addicted to instagram so he shows us how to make an instant photo album for our wrist with this instagram charm bracelet. Buddy, Smart.

Cathie Filian shows us how to Sew a Diaper Changer Cover and trust me I wish I was the baby laying on there! She is so talented it’s ridiculous!

Heather Mann of Dollar Store Crafts altered bottles in just the right way! They are shabby chic with a little bit of victorian tied in!

Crafty Chica doodles her way into everyone’s hearts with her illustrated dish towels! Insert heart beating fast right here 

Margot Potter swoons the fashion world with her Neon Colorblock Cosmetic Bag. It’s perfect for the Fall season and totally HIP!

Incase you missed my latest tutorial you can check it out on thewww.ilovetocreate.com blog.

I hope you enjoy everyone’s tutorial’s! Don’t forget to drop by everyone’s blogs and give them MAD love, cause they LOVE back!
See ya next week,