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HAPPY TUESDAY!!! I am so stoked about finally showing you my Valentines Day tree I did for Treetopia! Don’t forget to hippity hop on over to Treetopia’s Blog for a chance to enter the #xotretopia giveaway!

On to more glittery things. Today I will be showing you how to make unique, fast and kid friendly ornaments. You won’t believe how much fun this project is and I am sure you will use this technique for many other holidays! Let’s get started.

Also make sure to check out my interview on Treetopia’s site!

These are the trees I used!


YOU WILL NEED: Parchment Paper | Glue Gun | Glittervalentine diy

Carefully draw a heart on your parchment paper with your glue gun. HOT GLUE GUN PROJECTS

Sprinkle your glitter or confetti as soon as you are done. You do not want your glue to dry for this step!RAINBOW GLITTER CRAFTS

Let it sit for a minute or two and VOILA! Your one of a kind glitter heart! HEART PROJECTS


Wrap the glittery tulle 4 times around your 4 fingers. Carefully pull off fingers. TULLE PROJECTS

Tie a knot directly in the middle. TULLE DIY

Pass your scissors through each end and CUT! HAHATULLE POM POM

Use your fingers to FLUFF it UP and here you have your very own tulle pom pom.

Now you can add all your beautiful ornaments to your tree!DECORATE FOR VALENTINES DAY

I made these X’s and O’s the same way I did the Hearts! XOXO PROJECTS





Head over to Treetopia and enter the #xoTreetopia giveaway today. I’m just the first stop on a really awesome week long blog hop of amazingly talented ladies.

***This post was sponsored by Treetopia however all opinions are completely my own***

Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day! See you in the next post!


Happy Monday Y’all!!! Today is the day I show you what I created with the new Make Market line from Michaels! Yes my friends at Michaels just knew I would create some rad project and I am super excited to share with you what I came up with!

Let’s be real. You can’t go wrong with flowers and a glue gun, hehe!

peg board flower initial


YOU WILL NEED: Peg Board Letter | Artificial Flowers | Glue Gun | BoHo Decorative Screen | Twine (optional)

  • The best part about crafting is putting your own spin on a project. Whether it’s decorating with marquee lights or crafting an initial that represents your family name, Michaels has made it easy with their new Alphabet Soup by Make Market™ line of products.

flower diy

Step One: Pull flowers off of stem.michaels makers projects

flower projects

Step Two: Add a drop of hot glue around the bottom of flower. love diy

Step Three: Place flower in peg board hole. valentines day diy

The back will look like this. If you plan on putting this on a wall when you are finished with all of the flowers you can trim the backs so it fits flush against the wall.
pink crafts

I am so in love with this letter already. How cool would a the entire alphabet look on a wall!
valentines day gifts

I am putting my letter on top of a screen so I am not worried about cutting the backs of the flowers. valentines day projects

Grab a little hook (btw this came on my boho screen that I got from Michaels as well) and add hot glue to one side of it. glue gun projects

Step Four: Stick hook on back of letter. Leave it be for a hot minute to dry completely. easy flower projects

  • This collection of surfaces, letters, frames and more come in modern, eclectic or rustic styles. From natural and finished woods, to a variety of metals, resin and patterned styles, the possibilities are endless.

valentines ideas

michaels make marketFebruary Challenge Creative

I hope you enjoyed this project! Make sure to click HERE to check out all of my Michaels posts!

  • If you don’t know where to begin, you can always take a look at some of the fun projects on Michaels.com or the other 49 Makers’ ideas on The Glue String for to see how they personalized their crafts

Today I want to show you how I make a Pop Art Shirt. Happy Friday the 13th!!! I am sitting in my studio and it dawned on me that I used to associate this day with “Freddy & Jason” but now I look at it as a spiritual day. Is that strange! Hmmm. I guess whatever works now I will take it and run. Today I wanted to share with you a fun Valentines Day tutorial that I created for I Love to Create. Even though tomorrow is the big V-DAY you can still make this shirt and apply whatever words you want in the boxes! Shoots Easter is coming up and you can use “quack-quack” – or you can draw a chicken.

♥♥Speaking of chickens check out our new silkie NOLA. She will be making TONS of appearances on the blog and I can’t wait to show you. Make sure to come back MONDAY and you will see her DEBUT! She is so excited!
DSC_0547♥Make sure to check out these rose earrings I made, I think these look so cute on little girls! Plus they are the BEST kids craft! Also don’t forget to check out my leather HEART SHIRT!

I was so pleased with the outcome of this shirt. I thought I would have to use a stencil to make it perfect but I just put on my big girl panties and went in for the kill. I free handed it all and I believe it came out better because it’s supposed to look whimsical and fun! If you really don’t want to free hand it then I suggest searching google for images, print them out, cut them out and place the image under the shirt. Once you do this all you have to do is use Tulip dimensional paint to fill it all in! How fun. Click on the link below to see my full tutorial on the I Love to Create Blog.



I hope you enjoyed this fast and easy tutorial. This is also a great project for kids.

Hugs from my computer to yours…xoxo, Jade ♥

Are you looking for something to wear on Valentines Day but don’t want anything cheesy and covered with hearts! Boy do I have the perfect craft for you to do.

I don’t know about you but I love anything with LEATHER and I sell a lot of leather goods, especially my leather boho earrings! If you are interested in buying some please inbox me jade@jaderbomb.com. They are only $25 dollars and I promise you, everyone will want them off of your ears!!! The best part is you get to pick and choose your own colors to reflect your very own personality!

Make sure to check out these rose earrings I made, I think these look so cute on little girls! Plus they are the BEST kids craft!
Today I wanted to share with you this fun and easy leather heart shirt that I made for the I Love to Create Blog! Make sure to click on the link at the bottom of this post to see the FULL tutorial!
fashion blogger leather heart shirt valentinescrafts


I hope you enjoyed this fast and easy tutorial. This is also a great project for kids.

Hugs from my computer to yours…xoxo, Jade ♥

Roses are red violets are blue roses are pretty and so are you… Well if that wasn’t cheesy then I don’t know what is! I ran across these paper roses the other day at Michael’s Arts & Crafts and fell in love. They were in the bins right by the register for $1. One stinking dollar! So what is a DIY girl to do? Of course buy them. Wanna see what I made with them, let’s go! Check out these other Valentines Ideas I posted. Paper Flowers 11Paper Roses | Magnets | Glue Gun | Suction Cups Clips | Paper Clips
paper roses suppliesThe first thing you will do is take the rose out of the pack, smell it, adore it, kiss it (only if you are a real paper freak) and then realize it’s a paper rose and it does not smell. Teehee! paper flowers diyThe paper flowers peel off of the pack real easy. Once you take one off add a drop of hot glue to the back of the rose then gently place a paper clip on the back of the rose. Make sure you put the paper clip facing the correct direction before you stick it in the hot glue. You will do the same thing for the suction cups, clips and magnets. paper clip diyDSC_0888diy stationerypaper flowers tutorialOnce your suction cup hangers are done you can stick them on a mirror or window to display these beauties. I like to hang fun things from them that make me smile. Paper Rosesdiy magnetslearn to make paper flowers

I am simply delighted with this easy tutorial and I hope you make tons of fun rose magnets! These will dress up any fridge or filing cabinets in 5 minutes.

Just have fun with them and remember you can practically glue a flower rose on anything to dress it up! Don’t forget thumb tacks!



If you are looking for a easy way to decorate for Valentines day then look no further because I have an affordable tutorial for you using pink Christmas ornaments. I think  it’s hard to decorate for each holiday for the simple fact that it can get pretty expensive. Remember supermarket sweep? I used to love that show. When I am in the craft store just browsing I always go strait to the sale isles. Why? Because there is no way I will spend the full price on things when I will end up change the whole appearance anyway. So back to supermarket sweep, I always pretend I am on that show and will give myself 10 minutes in those isles, NO matter how many isles there are. Being crafty sometimes means thinking on your toes and usually you think of how you can use an item within the first 5 seconds of looking at it. Trust that first thought. It’s usually the best one.

I love after Christmas sales, especially when things are 80% off. I try to not go until it’s that low. I figure if something good is already gone I will never know, haha. Plus I  tell myself that whatever is left it’s up to me to use it in another creative way. That’s exactly what I did with the ornaments in this craft. The box was originally 5.00 and I paid .50 for them. I think that is a good deal! I bought big ones and small ones. You never know when you will need extra balls.
(insert quirky smirk and head shaking)


Isn’t this wreath so cute!


*Christmas Balls
*Martha Stewart Designer Paper Pad
*Circle Punch
*Martha Stewart Stickers

You can order all the items above from one spot, just click on the link.


Are you swooning over everything I used? I love anything glittery and pink, it always puts me in a fabu-loso mood.


K, the first thing you will do is get a piece of paper and draw out a heart or print one. You can click HERE to download the one I used. Glue each one together. Wait till the glue is dry before you move on to the next spot.


I bought these paper doilies from Freds in the birthday party isle. For a pack of 24 it was $1.00. Booyah, you know I grabbed all 45. Fold a doily like an accordion then set to the side.


Punch out a circle. I swear when you do one you will want to keep on, it’s addicting.


Now is the time you will glue your paper doily onto your wreath, wherever you want to put it. Add your punch out in the middle of doily.


I wrapped a little twine around my punch out then placed a cute cupcake sticker in the middle.


So it’s that simple. What I like the most about this is I can keep a fun pink heart up all year round. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a heart wreath out of ornaments. What is your favorite holiday to decorate for? I’d love to know, let me know in the comment section.

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