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Terra Cotta Coaster – DIY

Hola! Jaderbomb here showing you how to make aTerra Cotta Coaster. Seriously I can’t stop. I actually gave all of these away already but that is because I love to give things I make to my friends! I finally got to meet Aunt Peaches (if you don’t know her you must click the link to the left). She got a few of them. I wonder what she is putting in them…. Let me know in the comment section what you think.

So it’s already time for school. I don’t know about you but I am super excited. I’m so excited I almost bought myself school uniforms to wear to the studio. Don’t get me wrong, I love when lil one is home over the break BUT I also love when he goes back to school. I think he is ready as well.  I think it’s smart when kids make back to school gifts for their teachers. It’s a nice way to suck up, plus you want to get your kids on that teacher’s good side, right?!?!?

Check out this cool Back to School gift that is quick and easy to make. I also did a Back to School haul on products that will make your life easier once school starts!

I simply love how easy it was to make these coasters and you can use them for so many things.
*soap in them
*paper clips
You can pretty much go to bed in them if you want! Wanna see how I made them, let’s go!
terra cotta coaster diy

You will need: Terra cotta dish | Tim Holtz word stickers | Chalk Paint | Brush | Mod Podge | Ice Resin | Love 

tim holtz stickersNo lie, I fell in love with these stickers the second my hazel eyes saw them. I really had no idea what I would use them for but I knew I would use them for something. I keep a journal on me 24-7 so I knew I could use them in there as well!

inpirational stickers

The first thing you want to do is paint your terra cotta saucers. I like white for everything. It feel clean and crisp. I just painted our bedroom so stay tuned for a blog post showing you how it came out!paint with chalk paintOnce your paint is dry, place the stickers that you like in the center of the saucer. I had no idea what mine would say I just peeled off the ones that I liked!

terra cotta giftsWhen you are done with your stickers apply a coat of Mod Podge to them.

mod podge projects

When they are dry, cut out some circles out of a cork board then hot glue them to the bottom. This will protect things you put them on. Hey, they also sell bags of round corks so that is a better option. mod podge craftsWe will now coat the inside of saucer with Ice Resin. I am in love with this product. For one the way it is packaged, it makes it easy to use just what you need and save the rest for a later date.

ice resin projectsSquirt each side at the same time so equal amounts come out. I am using a glass candle holder that I only use for Resin.

Tip: If you don’t use the whole amount add some glitter inside the candle holder, mix and let dry. Eventually you will fill the whole thing with resin and it will be so cool to look at!

how to use ice resin

Once you mix the resin thoroughly pour some in the saucer and move it around so it coats the center of saucer. Place on a flat surface to dry. It’s that simple!

resin projectsI am SO in love with them. Like I said earlier I gave them all away except the one below. This one was for my honey ♥


coaster gifts

I hope you enjoyed this project and it inspires you to make your own! The possibilities are endless with these babies. Don’t forget to SHARE! See you in the next post! ♥,Jaderbomb


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14 thoughts on “Terra Cotta Coaster – DIY

  1. Jordan

    Hi, loved the DIY tutorial. Has anyone found a good place to find the terra cotta plates for a decent price? I would love to make a bunch but on Amazon they are $10 each! Thanks in advance.

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Well of course you could use regular paint but I prefer Chalk Paint! It works so much better! Let me know how it comes out!

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