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Tie Dyed Tissue Paper Tutorial

Happy Friday! I am so stinking excited about this post mainly because it’s so fun to make it. I write for I love to create every two weeks and I am always looking for different ways to incorporate tie-dye into our lives. You know, creating ways other than doing a t-shirt. I was in my studio looking around while trying to find inspiration one day and I glanced at my huge box of tissue paper. If you are a DIY’ER then you know it’s always good to have enough of this! You can mod podge it onto things, make tissue balls, or just Tie Dyed Tissue Paper . I was unsure of the way it would turn out but don’t you worry, I made all of the mistakes necessary before I shared this with you. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and check out the FULL TUTORIAL HERE! 

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Tie Dyed Tissue Paper

 How cool will if be for Christmas when you wrap everyone’s gifts with tie-dyed tissue paper. I can’t wait because I have some cool Christmas ideas in my head.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see ya tomorrow!

Big Glittery Hugs,

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2 thoughts on “Tie Dyed Tissue Paper Tutorial

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