The Simple Secret to a Bohemian Dream Tree! 

I am super stoked that am part of the 2017 Treetopia Christmas Blog Hop!

Do you realize what this means? It means I have literally decorated my Christmas tree the day after Halloween.  Treetopia wants to help everyone add ton’s of glitz and glam to your holidays by celebrating a Christmas with some fabulous Treetopia bloggers! Did I mention I was giving away one of these trees today!!! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see how you can enter!

I a proud to kick off the season with a Merry CHIC-Mas Boho inspired Christmas tree! Boho isn’t your style, no worries! Make sure to check out the four other talented bloggers this week!

I chose the beautiful and chic Treetopia 7′ prelit Stiletto Black Pencil Tree.

This sleek black stiletto tree comes with 300 clear lights, 569 branch tips and weighs 19 pounds. 

This tree is the femme fatale of artificial Christmas trees!  Remember my red stiletto tree I did? If not make sure to check it out here

Initially I was unsure of the theme I wanted to use then it clicked. Being true to my personality I knew instantly that having a tree up isn’t always about doing what everyone is doing. Just like the clothes you put on daily, your tree should represent who YOU are! 

I am a boho loving, free spirited human that loves glitter and color. So there you have it, this is my spirit tree! 

I wanted to use items I personally love that I created so I had to incorporate my diy dyed bottle brush trees. They married perfectly with my Treetopia garland

Make sure to check out all of the Black trees that Treetopia offers! You won’t be dissapointed!

Typically I like big full trees but there is something special about the pencil tree. The fact alone that it fits nicely in any space is a win/win for me. This tree is especially nice if you don’t have much space to work with!This tree will surely compliment any space you put it in, it’s that beautiful and sleek. Add ton’s of bright colors and objects to it and you are surely gonna make any space fill vibrant and happy! 

You can’t have a BOHO Christmas tree without felt garlands and gold glittery strings draping from it. When going for the Boho look you can combine so many different items and put them all together! 

I love using pine cones every year for some reason, they remind me of being a kid and running around filling up my bag with as many as I could find. The result always ended up with my dad pouring gasoline on my hands to get all the sap off. 

To make these add little glue to the tips then sprinkle them with glitter can transform them instantly. 

Place them on mantles, fill up jars with them, stuff them in open spots in your tree or make a fun garland. 

For me I like to turn my space into a sanctuary that I will enjoy being in. Instant gratification! 

The foliage is crafted with fire proof materials, the Stiletto Black Pencil Tree makes a safe and stylish centerpiece for Halloween, Christmas, or whenever! I wanted to add a few other vintage skinny trees to make my space feel that much more unique. 

Every year I am grateful that I still have these glass vintage ornaments passed down to me. You just can’t find ornaments like these in stores these days so I wanted to add them to soften the stark blackness of the tree. 

With its tall and slender silhouette, this black bombshell slips comfortably into any space, even in the tightest of spots. 

Going old school means going back to your roots, right! I had to make a rainbow paper garland like we used to make in elementary school. 

I was amazed at how beautiful they turned out!

Switch on its shower of shimmering lights and there’ll be no escape from the hypnotic charm of this pencil Christmas tree.

These bottle brush trees added the perfect touch to brighten up my tuxedo garland!

A friend of mine gave me this Frida pillow a few years ago and it added the perfect touch to my theme along with my Bohemian books. 

If you are not a garland person you might think twice about that now! I love the felt garland wrapped around my black stiletto tree, kinda looks like candy!

Decidedly bold and unconventional, the Stiletto Black Pencil Tree adds a sleek, sexy twist to your holiday home décor.

If you decorate with ton’s of color it’s always good to off set the color with modern white ornaments. They do the perfect job of making everything else pop. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! See you in the next post, until then hugs from my computer to yours!

Don’t forget to enter the tree giveaway! I will pull a winner MONDAY and Treetopia will ship you a tree just like this, minus the ornaments (haha)!

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**I received Treetopia products complimentary as part of my collaboration with them for the 2017 Christmas Blog Hop.***

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26 thoughts on “Treetopia’s Merry CHIC-Mas Blog Hop – Bohemian Dream Tree

  1. Stacey

    I would love to win this tree to decorate in Santa decorations and especially for Halloween next year!

  2. Crystal Gumm

    Jade I absolutely LOVE your TreeTopia Tree and decs!! I love all of the wonderful colors you have going on!! So much fun!! So if I were to win this beautiful yet sexy stilleto tree!! OMG!! I may pee a little if I win!! Hehe!! But I think I would definitely do red and teal and maybe some silver bling for sparkle! I’m redoing my kitchen and living room and I’m totally into red and teal right now!! I would definitely have fun and lots of help at home from my two little people!! They live helping to decorate and do anything crafty or artsy with Mom!! It’s so much fun and you create MEMORIES!!! I’m a succulent collector and you could make a beautiful succulent tree with this or even with the wreath!! Wow!! That would be pretty!! So many ideas!! Happy decorating Jade!! Keep Inspiring us love!! We all love you so much!!

  3. Leiah

    I need a tree this size for the corner of my living room. Heading over to check out all the Treetopia trees!

  4. Lynnora

    So many choices but I think we would either decorate it in blues or maybe in men’s or maybe glow in the dark!!!! The possibilities are endless

  5. kelly tupick

    I have an assortment of handmade ornaments i would love to use to decorate this tree.

  6. STacey Dowden

    I love this tree’s style! Love the vintage look! Jade has such an eye for style and her earrings are my new favorite wardrobe staple!

  7. Dana House

    Would love to win this tree. My tree was damaged in the flood last
    August, and really can’t afford to replace what I have collected
    Over the years. Dana House

  8. Jodie

    I would geek out my tree with references to all my favorite books and movies 😀

  9. Angela Hendricks

    I love the way you decorated your tree! So lovely! If I won I would use lots of brightly colored glass ornaments with white lights!

  10. Stephanie Grant

    I would definitely decorate it with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme!

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