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Trust your Journey

Some days I wake up and live the only life that I know of, full of repetition. I’m not sure if I figured all of this out yet but I think repetition could be good to a certain degree. I have been changing many things in my life lately and I it’s all good at least I would like to think so. I mean don’t we all sorta go on this life changing soul sweep when the New Year’s horizon comes near us? I enjoy a new year, it allows us to consciously make life altering changes or itty bitty changes. But change is good.  Life will never stay vibrant and bright if we keep things the same. Trust your JOURNEY - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

Since I graduated college a few months ago (yes I went back at the ripe age of 26) I have realized many things. One thing is I am an ARTIST. What does that mean? For me it means I do not have a 9-5 job. It means I constantly have to stay in tune with my spiritual side and that can be a full time job on it’s own. It means when most people are sleeping I am up thinking about what I will do next for work. All of these things can make the human brain feel tired.

I know everyone feels tired at the end of their day. Life sorta does this to us. I guess the reason I am sharing this post is because times get tough and scary but if we just trust our journey a little bit then we might see a tiny ounce of color in that dead flower on the curb.

Way's to trust your JOURNEY - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

Trusting a journey that you have NO idea about is what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. I trust that my journey will bumpy and crazy but it’s important for us to feel every emotion that runs through our body. No masking with pills or booze just FEELING everything.

I must warn you. Feeling can be scary and the unknown can be scarier. Just bedazzle your seatbelt, grab your camera, get your shades and a bottle of glitter. This is all you need to make your journey memorable. Big hugs to you from me, LOVE YOU! Happy almost NEW YEAR LOVE BUGS. ending1

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