Happy Tuesday! I’m ready to talk about a few things that are on my mind. First things first, I just realized this morning that I might not EVER catch up on laundry. I mean, I wash what seems like every other day but it seems I always have a pile of “clean” clothes piled up on the sofa ready to be tucked away in their cozy spot. I just don’t know if I will ever figure out how to tackle this ongoing project. Suggestions, leave them in the comment section. I may just end up worshiping you if you can help me. Good news is I use this when I wash my clothes!

I don’t know about you but I like to organize anything that has multiple colors. Call it OCD I call it “I like to see”. Seriously for some strange reason if all of these pastel crayons were mixed together I would have a mini panic attack inside of my body. Just saying I also do this with my books .


So, Sophia Webster is really aiming to win over every girl in America…I am not sure if my heart exploded when I saw this or if my heart exploded when I saw this. Seriously!

Lidewij Edelkoort nailed it with her 20 design trends for 2015.

Love Hocus Pocus, here what Bette Midler has to say about “Hocus Pocus 2″…

I am just wondering why these faces are “turning” up on bodies across the world….Is this normal?

closeup of pen

I am not really sure why I love this picture so much and why I forgot I took this. If you are like me then you LOVE pictures of things close up and personal. Let’s see if you can guess what all of these are! Pretty amazing.

I always love taking pictures of my palette since I use them for years! Check out what this photographer did, amazeballs!


Well that is all folks. I am not off to conquer the world and possibly laundry.

Huge hugs from my computer to yours… P.S. Tips on laundry are welcomed, seriously.

xoxo, Jade




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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk – Human Barbie Shoes,Washing Clothes and Hocus Pocus

  1. Beth Boman

    Laundry tips?

    My master bedroom is in the basement next to my laundry room, so my laundry ALWAYS gets put in room-themed laundry baskets and sorted to the right room because I fold it all in my bedroom into piles on my bed.

    No, I can’t watch TV that way. But I can blare it from a different room to listen to if I need. I also think I fold a lot faster because I don’t have glancing at the TV screen to distract me- I hang stuff up and move around pretty quick as I go. Anyway, the bottom line is, once I know my bed is going to be covered in clean laundry, I am mindful that when I want to sleep, it has to all be moved OFF that bed. It makes me more accountable to moving loads through so it doesn’t extend for days of laundry piling on and off my bed. One day only when possible.

    And when I am dead-tired, it’s just as quick to throw everything in the dresser in their assigned drawers as it is to throw it on top of the dresser (at least, most times I convince myself this). Clearly it HAS to get put away if I’d like to sleep (I think this is the #1 reason why I love this setup). Also, if my husband would like to sleep, he has to help. That’s a realllly nice bonus, mandatory pitching in! And then I carry a basket to sit outside each of my kid’s rooms and put it away the next day at some point. Laundry baskets sitting around non-laundry room places are probably more painful to my eyes than mixed up pastel crayons are to yours. 🙂

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Hey Beth! Sorry I am just getting back to you I have been nuts! haha. I love your idea of folding all clothes on bed, then you are SURE to get it done right! I mean we need to sleep. Somehow I feel like sleeping with clean clothes could potentially happen on occasion!!!! Thanks so much for your tip, I will surely be using it! HUGS! Jade

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