Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! Can you believe it’s already almost Thursday? I started thinking earlier about this…what if we worked on Saturday and Sunday and our “weekend” was the entire week! That would be so great, right! The only bad thing is a blogger’s life is spent blogging. So I really wouldn’t have any time off.

Quote of the day: 
Whoever knocks persistently, ends by entering.”

The picture at the top is fun right. I think is super fannn-cyyyyyy (say that with your lip cocked to the side and a victorian voice). I don’t have a  CAT but if I did it would look like this. Top hat and all!

Did I share the news with you that I am now a contributing editor for The Graphics Fairy-Crafts. How coolio is that! She has the best graphics ever! I really had fun getting creative with this one and if you want to see the FULL TUTORIAL on how I made this from beginning to end then head on over to Karen’s blog to see it!



Did you get to see my fun Chevron Halloween printable? It’s FREE! They come in three different looks so get them now and start crafting with them. Something that would be really cute is to print it out, put a round picture in the black circle and frame it. Perfect for the Fall season, and Halloween.

A “dubleeeooo” for you.

Click HERE to see all of them


Even though it’s the 5th of the month, you still have plenty of time to start this fun photo game I started. Don’t worry, if you start on the 19th it doesn’t mean you have to post all the days prior. Just start, be happy, have fun and share with your friends. It’s a fun way to stop and click. Kinda centers you actually.

Click HERE to get the info on it or just save this picture! Don’t forget to use the hashtag


I hope everyone sleeps well and I will see ya in the next post

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