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How to make a Vintage Magazine Holder

Happy “whoa I am back from the land of OZ” day! Where the heck have I been you ask? You know, I might just have to ask you because quite frankly I don’t know.
(insert evil laugh here)

Last week I had major issues with my site which meant I could not post anything on this bad boy. Next thing I knew I was actually enjoying my time away from the computer.

Did I have the shakes, yes. What can I say my heart belongs in this crazy online home I have created and it’s just like when you go on a vacation away from home. It’s always “nice” but boy it’s good to get back home in your own bed.

I wanted to share with you my latest post that I did for The Graphics Fairy. I am positive you will like it so make sure to go check out the FULL tutorial.

I would like to say it looks sorta modern retro but who I am kidding. I just like crows and vintage patterns. So I brought the two tother to make a big ole explosion of happiness. Don’t these crows look real?!

Some say crows are bad luck but I think they are my guides. They follow me everywhere I go and I LOVE that. At least I know if they are around me and someone tries to hurt me they will shoot down and eat their eyeballs out…. Well at least I would hope.



FYI: Please go vote for my friend Kelly HERE! Voting ends tomorrow and we ALL WANT HER TO WIN! This is the LAST leg of this competition.

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5 thoughts on “How to make a Vintage Magazine Holder

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