Have you ever wanted to put up wood ceilings but don’t want to spend the money or you don’t know how t0 do it?  It’s quite simple, especially when they have always been there and you just didn’t know it. {SMH} So, we bought our house about 9 year’s ago and it was an older home. Beautiful and full of detailed pieces. I will admit I never knew it would turn into a fun, memorable 9 year project. I am always the one changing things up and thinking of new ways to improve what we have while saving money. Thankfully with our fathers’ knowledge we have been able to do that. I have to quickly share with you something that just “happened” Monday around 2 pm. I started painting because our kitchen which is usually painted every 7 months, I know I am a creature that appreciated change. We painted over our “beach” blue and made the walls a little less chaotic by applying linen white. Of course our ceiling was painted a golden color and when it was against the linen white it sorta looked like someone had been smoking in the house for 40 years, urghhh. I guess if we smoked I could of left it, haha!

Wanna see what happened NEXT?


I put a picture for you to see the before and after of the wall color. This was the first coat of linen, add 1 more and you get the picture. The picture to the far right is the ceiling. See. Kinda like baby food. We decided to paint the ceiling also which meant we had to remove the big vent over our stove. People, when we did this I guess all of the moisture from cooking everyday stayed in our sheetrock. It looked like a bad stain around it. The good thing is we never saw it thanks to the vent.

Ok. on the the good stuff.


Once we removed the vent we saw a “lil” bit of wood. Did I mention this was a MONDAY afternoon? After struggling with the thought of “I wonder if the wood is in good shape”, and ” What if we run across problems”…..we decided to do it.
I did ask my angel deck TWICE and they gave me the ok. It was pretty cool how easy it was to take the sheetrock off. These pictures look a little “hazy” because it was so dusty in the kitchen.


How gorgeous is this! I am so happy we went through with it because it was FREE. Thanks to the original owners. I bet they are happy looking down on us. Knowing that we can appreciate all of their hard work they did. My dad loved it so much. He used to be a carpenter many years ago and he said “Baby, they don’t make houses like this anymore.”

I think I responded with “Oh, I know honey boo boo child.”


Obviously we are not nearly finished even though it looks like it. We still have a lot more to do and don’t you worry, I will share every step with you. Stay tuned this week to see the post on my Moen sink.

Have you ever started a project when it was not planned at all?


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2 thoughts on “We found wood ceilings in our kitchen

  1. Shannon

    Oh, my goodness! I remember seeing the second picture on FB and not knowing what in the world I was looking at. I am super excited for you to find such a beautiful ceiling!

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