Craft Attitude Giveaway Winner JaderbombPhoto Courtesy of:   K bost

Congrats! I am super stoked about announcing the winner of the Craft Attitude giveaway.

Glenda I hope you are jumping for joy! You are the WINNER.
(Please check your email, I don’t have your last name)

I always love entering giveaway’s. Do you ever enter and as you are putting all of your information in you tell yourself  “you are totally not winning this, look how many entries are already in”… I try not to do that but I do. Booo! It just feels like that lottery ticket that you buy, right. For a split minute you can feel the feeling you “would” feel if you actually won then that little thing called reality sets in. How can you overcome this?

Well when you “FEEL” that feeling of winning you have to keep it alive. Every second you think you have no chances of winning you immediately change your thought process and go back to that feeling of winning. It’s better for you anyway! 

I think what it comes down to is always thinking Positive.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when we have so much to worry about. Let’s face it, there will always be something to bring us down. It’s just how things roll.  Things used to bring me down years ago and I would let them just eat at my soul. You know how that works right! Something pops up out of nowhere and BOOM, instant depression. I am pretty sure when you let something negative live in you for too long you can get a small case of the “hates”. We don’t want that!  How did I overcome all of this? I just changed my thought process. I try my best to not look at anything as negative or “meant” to happen. If something pops up in my life like a bag of burnt popcorn I just throw the burnt pieces out and eat the ones that are good! It’s that simple.

I know, I know you are wondering if I ever let anything get to me. The answer is of course I do. I am human y’all! It’s actually good to feel bad every now and then but only for a few seconds.

Is your bag of popcorn all burnt? Wanna learn how to bring that butter corn puffs back to life and see rainbows in your dreams? Check out the SECRET website. This should help you for sure!  I play this game every single day and you should too! I hope I made you smile a litte today. See you in the next post!

What do you do when negative things pop up in your life?


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