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21 drops of “jaw dropping” news!!!!

Happy SUN day! I want to share with you something that is beyond amazing! First of all I totally have an addicted personality! When I see something I like I completely feel the URGE to have it! In this case, I just had to treat myself with a few over a period of time because they can get quite expensive! I wish I had hundreds to share with you because I know you would fall in love  with them!

Please check out their website because and made sure you hide your debit card, hehe.


What is Aromatherapy?
It’s simple really: Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for their curative properties. Essential oils are the aromatic oils distilled from plants —or, to put it in scientific terms, oils containing volatile aromatic molecules. (“Volatile,” in this case, is not as dramatic as it sounds. It simply means the aromatic molecules have a tendency to dissipate quickly once applied.) Those molecules are theessence in essential oils. And while they generally smell quite pleasant, we don’t refer to these oils as “fragrances” because we aren’t using them to perfume ourselves. Well, not strictly speaking.Essential oils can be inhaled, applied to the skin, or ingested. At 21 Drops we focus on the first two: inhalation and topical application; our blends are not formulated for ingestion. While we would be flattered should you like our blends enough to drink     them, please don’t


 You can find the one that fit’s your mood or personality at that moment and run with it! (teehehe)

 I think I am in love with them because they are so cute… Just kidding because these suckers really work! I love having a couple in my purse and they are ready to be used when the moment is right!

 I love: Draned which is 1
I loved Distracted which is 9
I love Powerless which is 19 
I love Blocked  which is 21.

The really cool thing is you can get a custom blend!!!

These products were even featured in these magazines!!

I hope you enjoyed learning about some things making my life completely happy at the moment. So go out and get some! Who knows, I might just have a giveaway soon!!!!

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